New electric generator to double lifespan of Finnish hydro plant

Monday, March 25, 2019

Double lifespan

  • New electric generators from Danfoss Editron will allow the Siikakoski plant to provide power to the local region for another 50-60 years.
  • Generators are more efficient, therefore requiring less maintenance than traditional machinery. 
  • Project is part of Danfoss Editron’s new renewables service offering.

Danfoss Editron is demonstrating how electrification technology can extend the life of hydropower plants. This is done by providing two electric generators to Finnish energy group KSS Energia. The generators will play a key role in doubling the operational lifespan of the Siikakoski hydro plant in Kouvola, Finland.  

The Siikakoski plant, which has been in operation since the early 1960s, was taken over by KSS Energia in 1976. At this time, it was connected to the company’s energy network that provides power to customers in the Kouvola region. Its existing machinery dates back to the 1960s and needs to be fully replaced. This is in order to keep the plant running and capable of providing power to the local area.

Danfoss Editron is delivering a full generating system. These include two 1300kW, 125rpm electric generators and two 600kVAr reactive power compensation units, as part of the plant’s upgrade. The new generators, which feature direct drive permanent magnet technology, are more compact and 20-30% lighter than traditional synchronous machinery. Offering very high efficiency, the generator’s permanent magnet technology means extremely low maintenance is required once the plant is operational. Danfoss Drives is providing the project’s state-of-art reactive power compensation system. This is based on the company’s active front end technology.

The first 1.3MW generator was successfully installed at Siikakoski at the end of 2018. This was with another 1.3MW unit expected to be commissioned by the end of 2019. Once fully operational, the 2.6MW plant will power approximately 500 homes in the local region annually for the next 50-60 years.

The Siikakoski project forms part of Danfoss Editron’s new renewables market offering. This service began with Danfoss’ acquisition of AXCO-Motors late last year. This boosted AXCO-Motors’ existing hydro offering with the diverse product portfolio of Danfoss Editron and Danfoss Drives. By coming together, Danfoss Editron can help provide renewable energy to rural areas via its sophisticated EDITRON system.

Juhana Ylikojola, Hydro Sales Director at Danfoss Editron and former CEO of AXCO-Motors, commented:

“The synergy between our technologies meant that it made perfect sense for Danfoss Editron and AXCO-Motors to join forces. In addition to hydro plants, there are many other opportunities in renewable energy. Such as isolated grids, energy storage and increasing access in developing countries. We are now well placed to tap into these exciting markets. Customers are looking for products that are emissions-free, deliver high efficiencies, reduce fuel costs and require little to no maintenance. This is exactly what our EDITRON renewables system offers.”

Kari Dansk, KSS Energia’s Head of Production, added:

“As well as the generators, we are modernizing other aspects of the Siikakoski hydro plant. Including the turbines, transmission, sluice gates and auxiliary equipment, some of which dates back nearly 60 years. As the facility is so old there is limited space for all the machinery. Therefore, we chose working with Danfoss Editron as its generators are extremely compact, robust and lightweight, while delivering high efficiencies.”

Danfoss Editron has previously worked at another of KSS Energia’s hydro plants. The company’s Verla facility which powers approximately 3000 households every year.

About KSS Energia

KSS Energia is an energy group that produces and develops services for its energy network customers and sells electricity and energy expertise also outside the Kouvola region. Eighty-one percent of the company’s electricity production and sixty-nine percent of its heat production is based on renewable energy sources. KSS Energia’s turnover totals EUR 116.8 million, and the company employs 117 energy experts (as of 2018).


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