New Blind Mate Quick Connector from Danfoss Power Solutions simplifies chassis-to-manifold connections in data center liquid cooling applications

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

NORDBORG, Denmark – Danfoss Power Solutions has launched its Blind Mate Quick Connector for data center liquid cooling applications. Compliant with Open Compute Project Open Rack V3 specifications, the Danfoss Hansen® BMQC simplifies installation and maintenance of inner rack servers while increasing reliability and efficiency.

The BMQC enables blind connection of the server chassis to the manifold at the rear of the rack, providing faster and easier installation and maintenance in inaccessible or non-visible locations. With its patented self-alignment design, the BMQC compensates for angular and radial misalignment of up to 5 millimeters and 2.7 degrees, ensuring simple and secure connections.

The Danfoss Hansen BMQC offers a highly reliable design. The coupling is manufactured from corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel and the seal material is EPDM rubber, providing broad fluid compatibility and a long lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, Danfoss performs helium leak testing on every BMQC to ensure 100% leak-free operation.

“As a member of the Open Compute Project community, Danfoss is helping set the industry standard for data center liquid cooling. Our rigorous product design and testing capabilities are raising the bar for component performance, quality, and reliability,” said Amanda Bryant, product manager, Danfoss Power Solutions. “Highly critical applications like data center liquid cooling require 100% uptime and leak-free operation. Our complete liquid cooling portfolio is designed to meet this demand, making Danfoss a strong system solution partner for data center owners.”

With its high flow rate and low pressure drop, the BMQC improves system efficiency. This reduces the power consumption of the data center rack, thereby reducing operational costs. Furthermore, the BMQC can be connected and disconnected under pressure without the risk of air entering the system. This eliminates the need to depressurize the entire system, minimizing downtime.

The Danfoss Hansen BMQC features a working pressure of 2.4 bar (35 psi), a rated flow of 6 liters per minute (1.6 gallons per minute), and maximum flow rate of 10 lpm (2.6 gpm). It has a pressure drop of 0.15 bar (2.3 psi) at 6 lpm (1.6 gpm). It is available in a 5-millimeter size and is interchangeable with other OCP Open Rack V3 blind mate quick couplings.

Visit the Danfoss data center liquid cooling webpage or watch the BMQC video to learn more.