Danfoss technology the driving force behind two new electric excavator models

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

VEGHEL, THE NETHERLANDS – Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division has provided the drivetrains powering two new fully electric Doosan excavators. Electrauvision, a division of Danfoss’ partner Hydrauvison, is supplying the Danfoss drivetrains to Electric Construction Equipment (ECE), which has a license agreement with Doosan to modify the firm’s equipment for European dealers.

According to the United Nations, the construction industry accounts for 23% of carbon dioxide emissions globally, with nearly 6% of this figure coming from the machinery and equipment used on sites. However, a growing number of countries worldwide are looking to cut construction-related emissions as the world transitions to net-zero. Cities including Oslo, Helsinki, Amsterdam and London have set targets for zero-emission construction sites.

The newly developed machines are a 16-ton wheel excavator and a 30-ton crawler excavator. The traditional diesel engines typically found in excavators have been replaced with an electric powertrain equipped with a permanent magnet motor, provided by Danfoss’ Editron division. The system is controlled by a Danfoss controller and features a display that uses Danfoss’ PLUS+1® software platform. The first electric machines were delivered at the end of 2021 and are now operating in the Netherlands and Norway, with further orders being made.

Both excavator models also feature an innovative exchange battery swapping system where an electric powerbox is used to power the electric

drivetrain. The electric powerbox, also controlled by a Danfoss controller, has a unique independent climate control system that guarantees the batteries will remain in excellent operating condition.

Antti Väyrynen, director of Off-Highway for Danfoss’ Editron division, said:

“ECE chose Danfoss products for the development of these fully electric excavators due to our excellent technical support and efficient supply chain, which helped realize the ambitious building program. Our permanent magnet motors also offer a torque characteristic that perfectly matches the requirement for the machines.”

Brenno de Zwart, CEO of Hydrauvision, commented:

“Wheeled excavators are traditionally built with a diesel engine, so converting them to a zero-emission machine required two main aspects: the replacement of the diesel engine and the machine’s energy supply. Using a swappable powerbox for the energy supply, which can be charged at another location or even by the machine itself, is pioneering for the construction industry. The powerbox also has further applications, including that it can be used for DC charging, thanks to the independent climate control system.”

Pieter Staadegaard, CEO of ECE, added:

“We’re proud to be delivering this innovative machinery, built using sustainable techniques and materials to minimize their carbon footprint, to customers and dealers across Europe. We’ve also performed the homologation and certification of the machines and the powerbox technology according to the most recent European regulations.”

Further fully electric Doosan excavators are also in production, including 20 30-ton crawlers and 40 16-ton wheeled models. ECE is also developing a 200-kilowatt electric tractor and a 17-ton electric wheel loader. These models will be based on the same electric powerbox used in the 16-ton wheel and 30-ton crawler excavators.