Danfoss Power Solutions and Ouster partner to deliver lidar solutions to autonomous machines

Thursday, July 1, 2021

As part of its PLUS+1® Partner Program, Danfoss Power Solutions has partnered with Ouster Inc. to strengthen its portfolio of autonomous products and solutions. 

The company will integrate Ouster’s digital lidar sensors into its PLUS+1® development platform to accelerate their adoption by OEMs and deliver seamless integration to end-users. 

Danfoss Power Solutions is investing heavily in autonomy to ensure that its technological solutions and products are ready for the off-highway commercial market. To further enhance its offering, the company has partnered with Ouster, a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for the industrial automation, smart infrastructure, robotics and automotive industries. 

It is integrating Ouster’s sensors within its PLUS+1® L3 Autonomy Package software platform, which includes the XM100, Danfoss Power Solutions’ first PLUS+1® Autonomous controller, as well as the company’s PLUS+1® Autonomous Control Library (ACL).   
Danfoss Power Solutions has created the PLUS+1® platform to support its customers in the design of the next generation of off-highway machines and to shorten product development time. The integration of Ouster’s sensors within the platform will be suited for remote machine management, operator assistance, row following, obstacle avoidance and task automation. The beta version is now available for a select number of customers, while the complete compliance block will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Commenting on the new partnership, Peter Bleday, Danfoss Power Solutions’ Head of Autonomous Vehicles, said:  
“We are thrilled to bring such a great partner and technology onto our PLUS+1® platform. This partnership will enable our customers to integrate Ouster’s lidars quickly and easily into their system, which will accelerate their time to market. Thanks to this partnership, our customers will be better equipped to incorporate operator assist and autonomous solutions into their machines.” 

Nate Dickerman, President of Field Operations at Ouster Inc., added:  
“We are excited to partner with Danfoss as we seek to enable greater levels of autonomy across the industrialized economy with our digital lidar. The Danfoss PLUS +1® Platform’s control interface makes it easy for OEMs and other customers to adopt our sensors on robotic machinery, whether it be indoor warehouse robots or autonomous tractors in the field. We expect the offering to reduce integration time and the end application’s time to market.” 

PLUS+1® Partner Program

Our PLUS+1® Partner Program consists of a select group of companies with complementary products which integrate into PLUS+1® systems the same way all Danfoss hardware components do.​