Danfoss IK1-G pistol grip remote control provides ergonomically optimized one-handed operation

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

NORDBORG, Denmark – Danfoss Power Solutions today announced the launch of its IK1-G pistol grip remote control. Designed for safe, reliable, one-handed remote operation of machine functions, the robust yet compact transmitter features optimized ergonomics, intuitive operation, and high configurability. The Danfoss IK1-G remote control is specifically designed for telescopic, service, and loader cranes, as well as tow trucks.

Developed in collaboration with the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia, the IK1-G remote control provides significantly improved ergonomics for operators. Its low weight enables comfortable extended use, while the natural position of the proportional trigger improves control and precision. With the main functions on the faceplate and auxiliary functions on the side of the device, the IK1-G is more intuitive to use and approximately 20% thinner than similar devices.

The IK1-G features market-leading safety performance. The stop function is Performance Level E Category 3 and is compliant with the EN13557 standard for crane controls.

Available in a single, configurable model, the IK1-G remote control enables distributors and original equipment manufacturers to customize the device with thumb joysticks, toggle switches, a 2.8-inch display, and custom branding. Up to eight mechanisms can be included on the faceplate, with additional mechanisms on the side. The IK1-G offers AA alkaline or lithium-ion rechargeable battery options, the latter with a docking station for charging.

“User experience was central to the development of our IK1-G remote control,” said Lide Montero, mechanical engineer, Connect and Control Solutions, Danfoss Power Solutions. “We also collaborated with ergonomics experts to validate and optimize our design, enabling us to deliver what we believe to be the most ergonomically friendly pistol grip remote control on the market today. OEMs, distributors, and fleet managers also had a voice in the process, resulting in a one-handed remote control that checks all the boxes for customer needs.”

The IK1-G offers simple setup and troubleshooting. The transmitter is PLUS+1® compliant for easy and fast integration with the machine’s programming. LED status lights simplify diagnostics, while the detachable, replaceable EEPROM enables rapid service.

The IK1-G remote control operates on universal 2.4 gigahertz radio frequency and has a working range of up to 500 meters. The device can also be paired with the receiver through the tether connector. In addition to cranes, the IKG-1 is suitable for applications such as surface mining, concrete mixers and pump trucks, vacuum excavation trucks, agricultural equipment, conveyor/spreader systems, crushers, grinders, chippers, augers, and other applications where the operator is in moderate proximity to the vehicle.

Visit the Danfoss remote controls page to learn more about the full range of PLUS+1 remote control transmitters.