Danfoss’ Editron division to deliver propulsion system for Baltic 110 superyacht

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
  • Danfoss’ Editron DC-grid system is a perfect match for luxury sailing yachts due to its lightweight and compact design and the unmatched system safety and redundancy it offers.

  • The Baltic 110 superyacht will generate significantly fewer emissions than a similar-sized, diesel-powered model as the vessel’s electrical propulsion generators and hotel power supply will be optimized.

  • The superyacht will be delivered to its owner in 2023, which coincides with Baltic Yachts’ 50th anniversary.

PIETARSAARI, FINLAND – Danfoss Editron has been commissioned by Baltic Yachts to provide all critical components for the hybrid power plant and propulsion system that will power the Baltic 110 custom superyacht. The vessel is expected to be delivered to its owner in 2023.

Measuring 110ft, the Baltic 110 superyacht will feature a carbon composite hull and glass-optimized superstructure. Using lightweight materials such as carbon composite to build the vessel limits the maximum weight of the power plant and propulsion system, so the high levels of safety and performance requested by end customers are not compromised.

Danfoss’ Editron division’s lightweight and compact system will include two generators, propulsion motor inverters and converters, DC-distribution components, short-circuit selectivity analysis and hotel transformers. It will also feature one of the company’s own control systems to control the advanced distributed DC-grid system.

Atte Yrjola, sales support manager for Danfoss’ Editron division, said:

“This is the fourth hybrid power plant and propulsion system that we will deliver for Baltic Yachts, which demonstrates the successful working relationship that we have built with the shipyard. Our system is the optimal choice for luxury sailing yachts such as Baltic 110 by offering unmatched system safety and redundancy, as well as providing functionalities such as hydro-regeneration while sailing.”

Danfoss’ generators, which use synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology, will be coupled to two Cummins diesel engines that meet IMO Tier 3 emissions regulations. The vessel will also be equipped with lithium-ion batteries to enable zero-emission operation.

Kim Kolam, senior electrical design engineer at Baltic Yachts, added:

“Our previous experience with Danfoss Editron’s sophisticated system will be of great benefit when designing the interior and exterior of our latest world-class custom superyacht. The lightweight system offers freedom of design, while its easy and flexible installation allows optimal weight distribution.”

The expected 2023 delivery of the Baltic 110 superyacht will coincide with Baltic Yachts’ 50th anniversary. The company intends to hold a ceremonial launch of the vessel to celebrate this milestone.