New HX water nozzles help farming equipment customers improve the reliability of their adiabatic cooling systems

Thursday, October 19, 2023

After successful testing, our new HX water nozzle has been adopted by a new Spanish farm equipment supplier who specializes in ventilation and construction of turnkey farms. They offer a wide range of homegrown environmental control products and equipment for pig and poultry farms. With more than 35 years of experience and a market presence in 70 countries, they are a leader in the agricultural sector and guarantees its clients efficient, innovative and high-quality solutions for farm management that prioritize animal welfare.

For many years, they have worked with one of our long-time Danfoss distributor partner in Spain, to source nozzles for its adiabatic cooling systems on farms. These systems provide a cost-effective way for cooling inside the farms during periods with high temperatures. In Spain, as in many parts of the world, the periods of warm weather are getting longer and increasing in intensity. Heat-related stress has a negative impact on livestock, and pigs are particularly vulnerable to exposure to high temperatures. So, Danfoss adiabatic cooling systems play a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of the animals.

In late 2022, Danfoss Spray Technologies has been contacted by our distributor partner because the nozzles their customer were using had filters which were starting to corrode. Up until this point in time, the farm equipment producer had been using oil nozzles in their adiabatic cooling systems. When they contacted Danfoss for a solution, Oscar Sanchez, Team Leader, Residential Heating recognized an opportunity to try something different.

The Solution

Oscar Sanchez explains how they addressed the corrosion issue. “When we were contacted by our customers, we immediately thought about our new water nozzle as a potential solution.” The HX nozzle, developed by Danfoss Spray Technologies, is designed for all water-based fluids, which was an important factor in solving the customer´s issue. “If you use an oil nozzle for a water application, corrosion can be an issue, because the nozzle isn’t developed for the harsh water environment,” Oscar says. The Danfoss HX nozzle is also filter-less and features a corrosion-resistant plating. Our Spanish partners tested the new nozzles and decided to use them in their adiabatic cooling systems going forward. And the improvements didn’t stop there. “We started looking at how we could improve the entire cooling system setup,” Oscar Sanchez explains. “And we discovered that by changing the setup to include a main filter where the water enters the system, we could save money and improve the overall system design.”


The Results

Our new Spanish farm equipment customer now has water nozzles that don’t corrode and have a longer lifetime. Thanks to the new cooling system setup, they only need to clean the main filter instead of changing filters on the individual nozzles. And the new solution benefits the system piping as well, because particles are filtered out before they enter the system, thus decreasing the wear and tear on the pipes.

They were so pleased with the new solution that they decided to use Danfoss water nozzles again in a new pig farm construction project that will begin later this year. “For me, this case is an excellent example how Danfoss works with its partners and their customers to develop innovative solutions to business challenges. And it also highlights how our water nozzles address relevant needs in the agricultural sector,” Oscar concludes.