Get an energy-efficient district energy network substation in no time with DSP MOD@

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Are you looking for a modular substation that’s easy to specify and that complies with the typical technical connection requirements of a district heating network?

Do you want a high-quality station that’s energy efficient, safe and reliable? One that can guarantee end-user comfort and optimal system performance?

Would you like to save time during the entire substation commissioning process, from installation planning, delivery and handling to service and maintenance?

With DSP MOD@, we’ve created a pre-engineered substation platform solution that ticks all the boxes. It’s never been easier to design, install and maintain an energy-efficient substation.

Specification made easy 

The DSP MOD@ substation complies with more than 90% of the typical district heating network technical connection requirements. With the Danfoss technical documentation, you can get a complete overview of all possible station components. You can also download a 3D model of your station design on the Danfoss product store. This saves you time during the selection process and makes it easier for you to get customer approval for the station design.

Ensuring the highest quality components

We’ve manufactured the substation components according to the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001/14001 and IATF 16949 certifications. The substations and heat exchangers are also manufactured according to the European Pressure Directive PED 2014/68/EU and Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. And the entire substation is guaranteed with a full warranty provided by Danfoss.

Combining energy efficiency with end-user comfort

When designing the DSP MOD@ substation, we selected components that would enable optimal system performance, maximize energy efficiency and ensure end-user comfort. For example, the substation is equipped with an ECL Comfort 310 controller, which optimizes the building’s energy efficiency. It also uses Micro Plate™ heat exchangers, which feature a unique, patented design that reduces pressure loss by 35% and enhances heat transfer performance by up to 10% when compared to the traditional fishbone design. The substation’s AHRI-certified, gasketed heat exchangers improve low load control and minimize energy consumption, and its multiple insulation options are also designed to minimize heat loss.

When combined with our full suite of digital tools, including Leanheat Monitor®, Virtus iSET intelligent pressure independent control valves, and Danfoss Titan™, our substations help to lower the return temperature in district heating networks by 1-2° Celsius.

A smooth process from delivery to maintenance 

Our substation experts have examined the entire substation customer experience process to see how we could make it easier for everyone involved in designing, installation delivery, service and maintenance. Time you order the substation, we give you a firm delivery date and a tracking number so you can follow its progress. Once it’s delivered, the substation’s compact, lightweight modular design makes it easy to transport into the heating room. We’ve also made it easy to access all key substation components to save you time during servicing and maintenance. And each station comes with a user-friendly installation and service with everything you need to know to maximize the station’s lifetime.

You can find out more about how our DSP MOD@ substations make it easier to commission, design, install and maintain district energy network substations here.

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