Danfoss introduces the new Burner Fuel Mobile pump

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Putting 75+ years’ experience to work to design a long-lasting, high-quality pump for the mobile heating market

The new Burner Fuel Mobile (BFM) pump is specifically designed for mobile heating applications up to 24 l/h. The pump’s compact size and light weight make it the perfect choice for applications where space is limited, such as in:

  • High pressure cleaners
  • Open air heaters
  • Car, truck and bus heaters

Supporting the energy transition

We’ve designed the BFM pump with the future in mind. It’s compatible with up to 100% biofuel. We’ve also reduced production-related CO2 emissions
(ESG focus) by utilizing our product and process chain. And we’ve carefully designed its components to maintain the same high level of efficiency and performance throughout the pump’s lifetime.

About the BFM pump

  • Capacity: 0-24 l/h – At a pressure range : 7 – 15 bar
  • Connection: Ø6mm & Ø8mm Shaft
  • Pump weight: 360g
  • Customization: Angled cable design
  • Seamless integration