Danfoss Eco™ in the finals for Danish Design Award

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Today, the jury has announced that the Danfoss Eco™ has been recognized as a finalist for the Danish Design Award in the category Building Markets.

In total, all 50 finalists and the winner in the individual categories will be revealed at the award ceremony taking place at Dansk Industri (Confederation of Danish Industry) on May 28, 2018. Danfoss Eco™ is a finalist in the category Building Markets together with four other finalists.

Danish Design Award is an annual international design prize awarded by the member organization Design Denmark and Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish Design Award demonstrates the value and impact of design in Denmark today and inspires and stimulates the use of design and design thinking in companies and society.

The Danish Design Award jury, a team with both business and design competencies, stated in their presentation of Danfoss Eco™: “An electronic thermostat for more energy-efficient heating in the home is not in itself an innovation. Until now, most smart heating solutions have been out of reach for the mass market, because they were expensive and tricky to operate. Thus, Danfoss Eco™ is an innovation, as it was developed for the ordinary consumer rather than for tech-enthusiasts or other first movers. That makes the product relevant for a market of millions of private consumers looking to minimize heating costs.”

“We should all be honored and proud that the Danfoss Eco™ has been selected for the prestigious Danish Design Award 2018 and has made it to the finals,” commented Torben Pedersen, Divisional President, Residential Heating, Danfoss: “The radiator thermostat team has done a tremendous job in getting this outstanding new electronic product out on the market, and Danfoss Eco™ is a perfect and energy-efficient solution to advance the interests of the thermostatic radiator industry. It is imperative for our growth and business to convene through new and attractive design at an affordable price, and Danfoss Eco™ has it all: Both beauty, connectivity, and usability.”

“Despite its advanced energy saving features, Danfoss Eco™ is intuitive and easy to use in daily life. Danfoss Eco™ is the best choice in the category, if you want to save money on your energy bill with a positive environmental impact,” commented Morten Bjerg Kofod, Strategic Project Manager, Residential Heating, Danfoss.

Watch the video about Danfoss Eco™ – the smart radiator thermostat with Bluetooth technology