Danfoss Burner Components is launching a new service pump, in collaboration with Thermovent

Friday, August 25, 2023

The new TIER 2 Service Pump is a reliable and efficient standard service pump that offers high performance while reducing overall costs of installers and end customers.

Danfoss Burner Components has released the new TIER 2 service pump as part of the new modified service pump portfolio, including:

  • Service Standard – TIER 2 pump (cost effective standard fuel pump)
  • Service Standard Plus - TIER 2 Bio30 pump
    (cost effective and compatible with up to 30% biofuel blend pump)
  • Service Premium – Diamond Bio100 pump
    (high quality, reliability and 100% biofuel ready pump)

We now offer a full range of fuel pumps for the service market.
With only few variants up to 95% of all installed boilers fuel pumps can be replaced!

Reduce costs while improving performance

The new TIER2 service pump for the Greek market can serve small and medium sized domestic burners up to 42 l/h.

In comparison to other service pumps currently available on the market, TIER2 offers more reliability and quality at a competitive price. Its innovative features enable customers to lower overall system and maintenance costs while boosting the efficiency of their burners. 

Benefits of implementing TIER 2 in your boiler

Designed to solve many challenges customers face, such as controlling oil odour, preventing oil leakage; operating within big temperature amplitudes; moderate oil consumption and lower the CO2 emissions — TIER 2 is setting a new market standard for quality and performance.

Mechanical shaft seal

No oil leakages and no oil smell

Warranty – 18 months

Multi/single packaging

Local documentation and instruction language (Greek)

Fuel blend – B10 standard

Nozzle outlet – one side

1-2 pipe system

1 stage

Technical documentation