80 years of energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric heating innovation

Monday, June 27, 2022

80 years of DEVI Electric Heating 

For eight decades DEVI Electric Heating’s innovative solutions have been improving the quality of people’s lives. Creating more comfortable indoor environments with floor heating applications in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, in fact anywhere where warmth is required. In addition to these indoor solutions, DEVI's electric heating cable technology is also widely used in outdoor applications, ensuring safety in winter period by minimizing the hazards of snow, frost and ice or their consequences.

DEVI Electric Heating since 1942

DEVI Electric Heating was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1942, and its name ‘DEVI’ is an abbreviation of Dansk El-Varme Industri. In the beginning DEVI manufactured heating elements for industrial purposes. Over time DEVI Electric Heating has grown significantly.

In 2003 DEVI Electric Heating became part of Danfoss.


Electric heating today

Over the years DEVI Electric Heating has become a global market leader in electric floor heating and the biggest European producer of electric heating systems.

Majority of production takes place in Poland (Grodzisk Mazowiecki), which means that approximately 90% of DEVI Electric Heating products manufactured in the European Union.

Based on 80 years of experience, DEVI Electric Heating's products are backed by market-leading support. This support includes warranty, which covers not only cable or mat replacement but also the cost of installation and materials – for up to 20 years!

Electric heating applications

DEVI Electric Heating products and solutions are found almost everywhere and anywhere you can imagine; inside and outside residential houses, apartments, public buildings, in the infrastructure, sports fields and even in places like  elevators, trains, airports and highways.

Major opportunity for Europe

Electric underfloor heating is a major opportunity for Europe. This can play a significant role in helping Europe reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency in buildings, and ultimately enable Europe to meet its ambitious climate targets. 

Answering rising energy costs challenges with electric heating 

When powered by photovoltaic energy electric heating is considered to be one of the most cost-efficient heating solutions for highly insulated residential buildings. Moreover, electric underfloor heating is also recognized as one of the major opportunities to decrease CO2 emissions in Europe, and increase energy efficiency in buildings to meet the targets for renewable energy sources.

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