VLT® Refrigeration Drive is now available with Modbus TCP

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 is now able to connect with devices that communicate in Modbus TCP. Thanks to this additional connectivity possibility and the innovative functions dedicated to refrigeration applications, the VLT® Refrigeration Drive integrates many features required in Industry 4.0. In addition to functional data exchange, sophisticated latest-generation algorithms can predict system malfunctions.

Of course, the FC 103 can still communicate with Danfoss Adap-Kool® systems in LonWorks and with PROFINET and PROFIBUS transmission networks as well.

The drive can identify system anomalies before they become critical. For example, it detects if the bearing of a compressor starts to wear out or if the motor is losing its insulation. This presents considerable advantages: You maximize uptime due to only scheduled service interventions – with significant economic benefits as a result.

Modbus TCP is now available in all premium VLT® drives:

  • VLT® HVAC Drive
  • VLT® AQUA Drive
  • VLT® AutomationDrive
  • VLT® Refrigeration Drive

That means you can combine all these application-dedicated drives within one Modbus TCP system. You no longer need converters or extra PLCs for this task. This reduces engineering efforts, simplifies system architecture, reduces maintenance and training efforts, while letting you select the perfect drive for your application.

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