Save energy and improve air quality by optimizing filter replacement

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Save energy and improve air quality by optimizing filter replacement

With the VLT® pressure transmitter PTU 025 connected directly to the AC drive, compliance with the ErP directive for ventilation systems is child's play: simply measure values and process them directly in the PID controller of the AC drive.

Danfoss introduces its new ErP-ready pressure sensor solution – the VLT® Pressure Transmitter PTU 025 – at the Light + Building exhibition in Messe Frankfurt, Germany from 18–23 March 2018. You‘ll find Danfoss in Hall 9.0 on Booth D10.
The new VLT® Pressure Transmitter PTU 025 is an integrated solution for airflow control that solves the common problem of when to replace filters in air handling units (AHU) and rooftop units (RTU). Late filter replacement can cause severe energy losses resulting from fans operating against clogged filters, while early replacement means the full potential of the filter lifetime is not utilized.
The module is quickly and simply mounted into the VLT® HVAC Drive, and automatically connected to the network or building management system. Filter pressure information in the ventilation systems is measured and analyzed by the drive according to predefined alarms and control parameters. This allows the drive to raise an alarm and let you know when it’s the right time to replace clogged filters.
This revolutionary product is fast to install and easy to commission and operate, and can also be retrofitted in existing applications. It meets both the drive-side efficiency requirements of the ErP Directive and the new specifications in relation to automated filter control.
Optimization of energy consumption by reducing unnecessary energy losses significantly reduces operating costs, while specification of the optimal time to replace filters ensures the cleanest, freshest air possible for an optimal indoor climate.
For more information, please contact: Robert Unseld, Danfoss Drives Tel. +49 (0)69 8902 489,

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