Inspiring speeches and discussions at the Fossil Free Future program launch event

Friday, November 10, 2023

“Demand for open-minded and innovative thinking, and Finnish sisu!”

FINLAND: On 5th of October, we hosted an inspiring launch event in Helsinki for the Fossil Free Future program. Together with 100 of our partners, customers, and stakeholders we discussed themes of a better future.

Fossil Free Future is a Business Finland-funded program that aims to develop a fossil free future with power electronics technology. Danfoss will operate as the ecosystem builder in the program, and together with our partners and innovation projects, we aim to find solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Mika Kulju, President of Danfoss Drives, opened the event by explaining how Danfoss plays a role in the green energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources: “Danfoss does it by providing energy efficiency, machine productivity, and electrification solutions."

Professor Pertti Kauranen from LUT University gave a more technical background of Hydrogen Economy, Methanol Economy, and Power-to-X Economy. Innovation Doctor Sari Kola gave insight into different kinds of ecosystems and how those are formed: “We are now in the beginning of the fossil free ecosystem. The purpose is clear, but the steps are unclear.”

One of the goals of this event was to make those steps clearer and to find the partners that, together with Danfoss, can turn a Fossil Free Future into reality. To do that, the program has three different focus areas:

  • Highly efficient smart power electronics, digitalization, and sustainability
  • Off-highway vehicle electrification, smart energy storage solutions and charging infrastructure
  • Efficient and cost-effective green hydrogen production

Right now the need is to find partners for co-innovation projects, which are supported by Business Finland and EU projects. With the project outcomes generated in our innovative ecosystem of research partners and companies, we are on our way towards the Fossil Free Future.

“We have a wicked problem on our hands with fossil fuels and climate change at this stage. Company ecosystem, including power electronics, research, and knowledge, is needed to create solutions and boundaries in this area,” Pia Karumaa, program leader, summarized.

What does it really mean to be part of the ecosystem? To start with, you can be part of the solution that makes the world a bit of a better place. In addition to that, members in the ecosystem gain new ways of thinking, ideas, and find different ways to collaborate. Also, it can give new resources, wealth, and growth to the companies. “It’s not all blood, tears, and sweat — it’s also fun, I can promise,” Karumaa added.

We also heard from our customers Cactos and Junttan on how they have already taken steps towards the Fossil Free Future. Tomi Voutilainen from Junttan shared their experiences from developing and delivering the world’s first battery-powered piling rig.

Oskari Jaakkola from Cactos provided another perspective by enlightening us on how they provide a new way of storing and selling energy. They provide a distributed energy storage system based on smart energy storage units and a specified cloud control system. Currently the biggest customer sector is logistics. “The future of heavy transport is electric,” Jaakkola adds.

We are continuing to look for innovative partners to join our ecosystem for all areas of green energy transition and smart energy management. Welcome to join our ambitious journey — Fossil Free Future!