Recalibrate the way you look at gas detection for industrial refrigeration

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As the world's leading industrial refrigeration innovator, Danfoss is pleased to introduce a new range of fixed gas detectors for industrial refrigeration applications. The new digital gas detectors are not only compliant and accurate but are also much easier and intuitive to work with, from initial specification to long-term operation.

Next generation gas detection—Plug and play

The next generation of Danfoss gas detectors is based on a digital platform that delivers multiple communication and integration options for improved operational reliability, easy calibration and maintenance procedures that enable high service efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Additionally, the intuitive user-interface provides a high level of accuracy to simplify operator handling that minimizes operational, settings, and calibration error risks. The portfolio ranges from basic to heavy-duty models with sensor technology to match the specific refrigerant, application, and safety requirements of your refrigeration system.

Easy configuration and installation

The analog or RS485 Modbus connection enables easy communication to a central system. Stand-alone gas detection units with integrated relays are available and can be connected to external systems directly to activate alarm devices.

To provide a strong plug and play solution, all gas detection units come factory pre-configured to match refrigerant and PPM setting requirements.

Calibration and maintenance made easy

For a more simplified calibration process, the new range of Danfoss gas detection units has an integrated calibration routine. Gas calibration no longer requires potentiometers and multimeters, simplifying the process significantly and reducing calibration time and the risk of errors.  Pre-calibrated and factory certified sensor replacements are available across all sensor types for easy service.

Improved operational reliability and maintenance efficiency

Several service features support optimized maintenance planning such as service alerts—on the unit, the controller, or both—to indicate when service is due. The dedicated PC tool provides an overview of when each gas detection unit operates as well as generate field calibration reports to support safety documentation and procedures.

The Danfoss gas detection portfolio enables regulatory compliance with EN 378:2016, ISO 5149:2014, IIAR 2-2017, and ASHRAE 15:2016 while providing comprehensive safety and easy-to-use features.

To explore how the new digital gas detection solution can maximize safety, protecting personnel, produce, and equipment, please visit