New thermostatic expansion valve for CO₂ refrigeration systems

Friday, September 30, 2022

Danfoss now introduces TE2 for R744, the first thermostatic expansion valve for CO2 on the market.

This unique solution is based on the TE2 valve, which is well-known for delivering accurate and reliable superheat control, easy installation, and good temperature transfer due to their interchangeable orifice assembly and stainless-steel bulb.

Now qualified for R744, the TE2 is suitable for small to medium size remote refrigeration systems such as cold rooms and display cabinets as used in convenience stores, restaurants, and small supermarkets.

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Part of our portfolio for small store CO2 refrigeration solutions

The new Optyma iCO2 and Optyma Control, as well as the new TE2 and the EVT solenoid valve, make for a strong offer for convenient refrigeration solutions suitable for building small store cold rooms compatible with the natural refrigerant CO2. This reinforces Danfoss’ support for the green transition, and we remain committed to helping you make the transition at your own pace.

Features and benefits

Wide temperature range

Fast and easy to install

Stainless steel capillary tube and bulb

Interchangeable orifices assembly

Long service life and easy maintenance

Available with Maximum Operating Pressure

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