New Danfoss Gas Sensor offers high safety and improved user convenience

Monday, October 15, 2018

At the Chillventa trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Danfoss is set to unveil its new series of DGS gas sensors for food retail applications. Like its predecessor, the new DGS series is suitable for supermarkets, process refrigeration plants, refrigerated storage and warehousing, and special application areas, and it includes several improvements over the old series. 

Fast response times, wide measuring range, entry safety 

The new series offers the same proven reliability, standards compliance, and safety as it’s predecessor, but the response time is significantly faster, alerting users to leakage issues quicker. For the semiconductor sensor variant (DGS-SC), for example, T90 response time has dropped from 215 to less than 40 seconds. The sensors will issue both early warning and critical alarm signals. 

” As large refrigerant leaks can be fatal, gas sensors play a crucial role in providing peace of mind. Therefore, we are very proud to introduce the new range of Danfoss Gas Sensors that has been optimized to meet modern standards and offers both high safety as well as improved user convenience” says Brian Skov, Product Manager, Danfoss. 

The new DGS series also offers a much wider measuring range. For the infrared sensor variant (DGS-IR), for example, the upper gas detection limit has been doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 ppm. Furthermore, the new series allows you to easily connect an external test button, giving users added security by enabling convenient remote sensor testing before entry in a sensor-protected area. 

Plug ‘n’ play commissioning and easy system integration 

Based on an all-new digital platform, the new DGS series is easy to install and work with. Sensors can easily be integrated into Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® systems over an RS485 Modbus connection. This gives users 24/7 remote access to information such as measurements, settings, and alarms using the Danfoss System Manager. The control software was developed in a SIL II compliant process, EN 61508. 

Users can also access monitoring and service information locally using the hand-held service tool. In addition, the tool allows sensor calibration through a semi-automated and user-friendly routine which does not require the user to adjust jumpers and dials. The new DGS series offers long calibration intervals; for example, the CO2 sensor only needs to be calibrated once every 5 years (subject to local regulations). 

The sensor heads are connected to the DGS sensor units via a plug connection, enabling quick and easy onsite sensor head replacement. The sensor automatically detects the new sensor head and automatically restarts measuring mode. A fail-safe alarm is given immediately if the new sensor head is a different type than expected. 

A wide range of refrigerants – including propane – is covered with 5 models 

Despite the wide range and great flexibility of the new DGS series, ordering sensors are simpler than ever. The new DGS series includes just 5 models but covers 15 refrigerants, including propane with the all-new pellistor sensor variant (DGS-PE). The new DGS series comes with a full range of accessories like replacement sensor heads, strobes and horns, splash guards, a remote kit and duct set, and a calibration kit. A low-cost-variant without built-in buzzer and light is also available.

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