Make sound chiller investments with ChillerROI

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

ChillerROI makes the complex decision of buying a chiller simple by comparing two chillers side-by-side. Get the information you need to make a sound financial investment that will pay off for years to come.

Starting a new construction project comes with a variety of complex decisions; one of the most important being the selection of a chiller. Choosing the right one is crucial — there are multiple factors to consider and the consequences can be far-reaching and expensive.

We're excited to announce a new tool that can help take some of the pressure off the decision and eliminate guesswork.

Introducing ChillerROI, a free mobile app that helps you compare chiller solutions and decide on the best long-term investment.

When it comes to choosing a chiller, a main consideration is return on investment, or ROI. The goal is to purchase a chiller that delivers significant energy cost savings in the long run — savings that help pay for the initial investment in the chiller itself. High-efficiency chillers can have a payback time as fast as two to three years, and then continue to deliver energy savings over their lifetime.

By using ChillerROI at the start of the chiller-selection process, you can make a wise investment with long-running benefits. You just need to enter a few key pieces of information, such as chiller efficiency data, local electrical rates, and initial cost. The app then compares the data and displays it on an easy-to-read graph that you can export and share. 

ChillerROI is available for download for free on Google Play and the iTunes Store now.

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