Danfoss - focus on accelerating the green transition with “Talk Green. Walk Green"

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Danfoss is pleased to announce our participation at ISH 2023, taking place from March 13-17 in Frankfurt, Germany. The Danfoss team will showcase a broad range of energy-efficient solutions to empower the green transformation in the residential, commercial and district energy sectors. Our exhibition theme, ‘Talk Green. Walk Green.,’ underscores our shared journey towards decarbonization. Throughout ISH, we will demonstrate how we can use readily available technology, products and solutions to make the most of the energy we generate.  
Danfoss experts will discuss the vast potential of areas like hydronic balancing, heat pump technology and sector integration to accelerate the green transition. They’ll unveil exciting new products, have one-on-one talks, and ensure that ISH visitors walk away not just with ideas about a greener future—but the solutions to make that future a reality.  
Visitors can find us in Hall 9.1, Booth C06.  

And for those who are unable to attend the conference in person, we’re excited to present a virtual exhibition where guests from around the world can join virtual sessions, connect with experts, watch event highlights and much more. Register for the virtual experience here: ish.danfoss.com 

The smart way to energy efficiency in single-family homes

In the wake of rising energy costs, homeowners across Europe are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Additionally, increasing the energy efficiency of single-family homes is a critical step towards decarbonization. At this year’s exhibition, our Climate Solutions team will highlight a range of solutions designed to help homeowners take control of their energy usage and costs, including the new Danfoss Icon2™ system, which delivers precise, efficient control of hydronic underfloor heating. Booth visitors will discover how automatic hydronic balancing – a key feature in the Icon2™ system – ensures all rooms in a home make the most of the limited energy available. Smart home integration will also be a key discussion topic, as our experts demonstrate how Icon2™ can integrate seamlessly with our Danfoss Ally™ solutions, enabling homeowners to control their heating solution directly from their smartphones with the Danfoss Ally™ App.  

When it comes to saving energy, small changes can have a big impact. For example, 500 million radiators in the EU are fitted with simple manual radiator valves. By upgrading these radiators with new thermostats and valves, we can achieve energy savings of 36%. If we upgrade the additional 500 million radiators equipped with old thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), we could achieve an additional 8% in energy savings.1 To address this need, we have developed an entirely new line of mechanical radiator thermostats which will be on display at ISH. This new line of thermostats is fully compliant with the EN215 standard adopted in April 2021. They have a control accuracy (CA) value of 0.2 K – the most accurate room temperature regulation and highest energy performance available on the market. 

Rethinking efficiency in multi-family buildings

Our booth will also highlight ways property owners and managers can use modern heating technology to improve energy efficiency in multi-family buildings. Since 2013, EvoFlat, our flat station concept, has helped building owners take control of energy costs. At ISH, we’ll introduce EvoFlat 4.0 – our next generation of flat stations – and show how they make it even easier to install and maintain domestic hot water, underfloor and radiator heating installations for multi-tenant buildings.  
Hydronic heat pumps are also key to achieving the efficient electrification of the heating sector while reducing fossil fuel reliance. Manufacturers visiting our booth can experience our complete R290 program for heat pumps, including the VZN inverter scroll compressor. 

Decarbonizing commercial buildings 

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy use and nearly half of all city-wide emissions.2 Thus, finding ways to reduce buildings’ energy consumption and minimize their CO2 footprint are important milestones on our journey to efficiency. At ISH, we’ll present our full range of products for improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings, including our Turbocor® oil-free compressors. Running on ultra-low GWP refrigerants R1234ze/R515B, they are optimized for hot water and heat recovery.  
Danfoss Drives representatives will also be on hand to discuss how to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and decarbonize buildings through automation and control. We will demonstrate how combining the FC 102 drive with our AB-QM PICV and NovoCon® actuator can maximize a building’s efficiency by creating a precisely tuned hydronic system.

Building a resilient district energy infrastructure

In the District Energy Network (DEN) section of our booth, Danfoss experts will explain the vital role software and digitalization play in building a resilient energy infrastructure. Visitors will see how applications like Danfoss Titan™, which combines best-in-class components in a substation with digital twin technology, ensures reliable, continuous commissioning. Our DEN experts will also demonstrate how AI-based, IoT solutions, such as Danfoss Leanheat®, improve heat production, distribution and energy efficiency in buildings. Building and network managers will also find out how these solutions provide actionable insights into energy usage, which they can use to optimize their buildings and district energy networks. The booth will also feature our VXe villa substations – now also available in high temperature versions – as well as our Virtus valve. 

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