Compact EET thermostats give commercial refrigeration OEMs a fast route to digital control

Friday, January 29, 2021

Danfoss's new powerful electronic thermostats give commercial refrigeration manufacturers a fast, cost-effective way to include digital capabilities like energy-saving intelligent controls, smart system protection, and connectivity to the cloud.

Building on the popular ETCH1 family, the new EET series comprises two families: the compact EETc, and the more advanced EETa. Both are designed to work in existing cabinets with the minimal redesign – making it quick and easy to reap the benefits of digital temperature control and automation:

  • Enhanced efficiency, through automatic economy modes, intelligent fan control, and three kinds of smart defrost.
  • Improved reliability and food safety, thanks to compressor and condenser protection and adaptive alarms.

The EETa model also supports connectivity to the cloud – enabling remote energy monitoring and temperature control, asset performance analysis, and geographic tracking through the Danfoss Prosa IoT enablers family of products and the AlsenseTM cloud platform.

The EET thermostats can be programmed and tested quickly using the Danfoss KoolProg tool. This makes it easy to configure fan and defrost automation and other key system settings by attaching a laptop – eliminating the need for a display or push-button interface and saving both money and space. Furthermore, this allows the development of new applications faster.

With 4 programmable Input/Output ports, the EETc is ideal for beverage coolers, commercial freezers, and reach-in refrigerators.

The EETa is equipped with two additional Input/Output ports and supports dual-band operation, dual compressors, and dual evaporator configurations, making it suitable for applications with more sophisticated control needs, as well as supporting a wide voltage power supply for global applications. Both EET models feature zero-crossover technology, reducing wear and tear for long, reliable service life.

 “The EET is a game-changer for commercial refrigeration OEMs because it makes it so easy and cost-effective to move from old mechanical thermostats to efficient electronic control.,” says Danfoss Global Product Manager, Herman Oberoi.

“It’s a small but mighty product, packing a lot of features and capability into a small frame – at a very competitive price. And because it connects to our AlsenseTM cloud platform, it’s also an easy way to explore the benefits of IoT, which are becoming increasingly important.

“For manufacturers looking for an instant efficiency and reliability boost, the EET range provides a simple, cost-effective way to make your equipment more automated, smarter, longer-lasting, and much more energy-efficient.”

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