ANEO Retail & Danfoss expand “Energy as a Service” offering to Danish food retailers

Friday, June 9, 2023

ANEO Retail and Danfoss, the multi-national engineering group, are expanding their collaboration of innovative energy service solution for the food retail industry. After a successful establishment in Sweden, the journey now moves on to Denmark.

Innovative and green "all-in-one" service solution

ANEO Retail has developed a unique service model, "Energy as a service (EaaS)", which allows grocery stores to subscribe to technical facilities as a service. The concept provides the customer with a highly flexible solution that gives access to new and energy efficient equipment without large investments and high up-front costs. Additionally, a performance guarantee is offered on energy, reliability and operating costs, ensuring that customers get both security of technical operation and predictable operating costs.

ANEO Retail has teamed up with the family-controlled engineering group, Danfoss AS, and established a joint venture in Sweden in 2022. Now the cooperation has extended to Denmark to support the decarbonization journey of the Danish food retail industry.

"We are extremely pleased with the partnership we have with Danfoss. They contribute with their network and expertise and are an important part of the company's technology development," says Tarje Holskil, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at ANEO AS. "Danfoss is at home in Denmark and with the market position they have there, and in the industry in general, Danfoss is an ideal partner for ANEO Retail. We look forward to starting up and getting to know the different players in the Danish grocery sector.”

"We are proud to continue this cooperation with ANEO Retail. Energy as a service is an innovative solution that offers customers a worry-free transition to the best refrigeration and freezer systems on the market without the need for high, up-front investment,” says Jurgen Fischer, President Danfoss Climate Solutions, "It is a perfect match to combine the strengths of Danfoss’ best-in-class controls and IoT services and ANEO Retail's proven project management and service management expertise.”

ANEO Retail Denmark AS will take overall responsibility for projects in Denmark, and offer refrigeration and other technical installations to grocery stores as a service. The company will work according to the same model that ANEO has had great success within Norway and Sweden.

The refrigeration as a service technology and model will also be utilized in the Danfoss Smart Store supermarket that will open to customers later this year. The state-of-the-art supermarket is situated right next to Danfoss’ headquarters and will lead the way for how supermarket chains around the world can build climate-friendly and sustainable stores with heating and cooling technologies that already exist today. Additionally, this site will serve as an Application Development Center where Danfoss will work together with partners to co-develop new technologies and explore interfaces in the energy system surrounding energy storage.

About ANEO Retail:

ANEO will invest heavily in renewable energy production, electrification, and energy efficiency. Our goal is to be a trailblazer for the green shift with the will and investment power to develop new green value chains. We believe it is necessary to think anew to solve the major challenges we face. ANEO Retail is the first to come out with an innovative concept for the delivery of fully financed energy-efficient cooling and freezing solutions, including 24/7 monitoring and support. The company is an important partner for over 2,000 grocery stores and contributes significantly to the green shift.

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