World’s most powerful fully-electric ferry got her name and is getting ready for Danish waters

Monday, June 3, 2019

ÆRØ, DENMARK – The Ellen E-ferry, the world’s most powerful fully-electric ferry, is closer to entering passenger operations. Covering a 22-nautical mile crossing between the Danish islands of Ærø and Fynshav, the vessel will travel seven times further than any other electric ferry currently in operation anywhere in the world.

Ellen was baptized June 1. by Danfoss’ Christina Clausen, who is the granddaughter of Mads and Bitten Clausen, at a ceremony in Søby on Ærø, where the ferry will port and get charged before sailing to Fynshav.

The ceremony and baptizing were followed by several thousand cheering people on the harbor, and afterwards people stood in line to walk around the ferry to see the brand-new ship, and get introduced to the electric technology, making the ferry quick and nonpolluting.

The Ellen E-ferry is just under 60m long, has a breadth of approximately 13m and will travel at speeds between 13-15.5 knots. It is capable of carrying 198 passengers in summer months, with this capacity dropping to 147 during the winter. The ferry can also carry 31 cars or five trucks on its open deck. As well as having a capacity of 4.3Mwh, the largest battery pack currently installed for maritime use, it is also the first electric ferry to have no emergency back-up generator on board.

Danfoss Editron has supplied the full-electric drivetrain powering the ferry to operator Ærø Kommune. The company’s EDITRON system comprises two 750kW propulsion motors and two 250kW thruster motors, both of which run off synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet technology and are controlled by DC/AC inverters.

As well as the electric drivetrain, Danfoss Editron also provided the vessel’s power management system for the complete on-board automated power and load control. Additionally, the company delivered the onshore charging station and charging arm for the ferry’s 4.3MW battery.

Ærø Kommune’s Mayor Ole Wej Petersen said:

”The E-ferry project is a very good and concrete example of how a climate friendly future can look like. A ferry that runs on green electricity without discharging any environmentally harmful substances. I hope people will come to Ærø to experience Ellen and see how the standard for ferry transport can be in the future. Not only in Denmark but all over the world.” says Mayor of Ærø, Ole Wej Petersen

Kim Fausing, CEO of Danfoss, commented:

"Ellen is an excellent example of the future for electric transport: cleaner, greener and more efficient. It is a great project which demonstrates the potential for electric ferries to end users and the industry itself. It is an EU project and will be an exemplar for electric transport for many years to come. Electrification is key for Danfoss’ success in the future. We will electrify complex machinery, achieving not only reductions in CO2 and other emissions but also improving the productivity and efficiency of such machines. Danfoss is already recognized as a technology leader and we are investing heavily in the business to ensure we stay in the forefront of electrification.”

Kimmo Rauma, Vice President of Danfoss Editron, added:

"It is well known that the global marine industry is a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Maritime transport currently emits over 900 million tons of CO2 annually and is responsible for about 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We want to help change the world by easing pollution and we believe that industries such as the marine sector can lead the way. With a powerful Danfoss Editron system running it, the Ellen E-ferry will strengthen our already strong position as a world leader in the development and delivery of world-class electric ferries. It is anticipated that the ferry will save 2000 tons of CO2 every year once operational.”

The E-ferry Project is supported by the European Commission's €80 billion research and innovation Horizon 2020 initiative and represents a major milestone in bringing emission-free technology to the marine sector.

For more information about the project click here.

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