Danfoss technologies to rebuild Ukrainian cities

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Rebuilding the damaged infrastructure of Ukrainian cities and restoration of access to basic services, such as housing, heating or water supply, requires sustainable development approaches and technologies.

The preservation of the previous technological level will lead to higher cost of ownership of infrastructure facilities and a lower quality of services. World-class Danfoss technologies for buildings, district heating systems and water treatment facilities will allow Ukrainian communities to build truly sustainable critical infrastructure.

Affected Ukrainian cities need to restore infrastructure and ensure access to basic services – housing, water and heating. This requires both meeting the immediate needs of people and planning for the long-term reconstruction and development of communities.

Danfoss was among the companies participating this week at ReBuild Ukraine – the international exhibition to accelerate external financing for the purpose of rebuilding Ukraine. As was one of the first companies to re-open its business in Ukraine only 61 days after the war started, Danfoss presented world-class technology and solutions to build a new, energy-efficient, carbon-neutral Ukraine.

"One of the key risks in the rebuilding of Ukrainian cities is the conservation of the previous technological level and applying the ‘quick solutions’ where long-term planning and innovative technologies are required," says Adam Jędrzejczak, President of Danfoss in East Europe Region.

“Improving energy efficiency will be a major priority for Ukraine and will help Ukraine align with several key EU laws currently under reform. As Danfoss, we have the technology and solutions for buildings, district heating systems and water treatment facilities that will allow Ukrainian communities to build a sustainable future and become an example for the rest of Europe to follow,” adds Adam Jędrzejczak.

Modern district heating systems development has the greatest potential for the well-being of Ukrainian communities, since about 70% of all final energy consumption in Ukraine is utilized for heating. The development of 4th generation district heating systems, which are currently being actively developed in Denmark, will allow Ukrainian municipalities to get rid of dependence on a single source of fuel, make heating safer, more affordable and more environmentally friendly for Ukrainians.

Residential multi-family and public buildings are another example of a sector where the use of modern technologies can significantly improve people's quality of life and reduce the cost of real estate ownership. Danfoss has invented the technologies for the reconstruction of one-pipe heating systems, allowing them to approach modern two-pipe heating systems in terms of efficiency. Since about 80% of all multi-family buildings in Ukraine have one-pipe systems, Ukrainian communities could be the ultimate beneficiaries with the introduction of these technologies.

In 2018, the Kherson condominium "Lavrenyova, 22" was the first in Ukraine to carry out a comprehensive retrofit of a single-pipe heating system. It allowed the co-owners of the house built in 1975 to reduce heat consumption, on average, by 55%. Among other things, due to the possibility of installing radiator sensors, residents were able to directly control both their comfort and their bills.

The implementation of such technologies in Ukraine requires high-quality long-term planning on the part of the community since the technological transformation of both the housing sector and the urban heating sector can go beyond the horizon of 10 years. A good example of communities in Ukraine capable of long-term planning is the city of Zhytomyr, which has announced its intention to become a carbon-neutral community by 2050.

“Danfoss has been working in Ukraine for over 25 years. We understand well the current state of infrastructure and the modernization challenges the communities are facing. With the outbreak of war, the destruction of infrastructure made these challenges even more acute – but at the same time it provides an opportunity for qualitative transformation. Danfoss engineers in Ukraine have developed a Danfoss solutions playbook to help decision-makers better understand what the available options are for rebuilding critical infrastructure, which meets both the urgent, short-term needs of communities, and provides directions for long-term development. All our experience and expertise is crystallized in this album," says Andriy Berestyan, General Manager at Danfoss Ukraine.


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