Danfoss invites to Kyiv to the most inspirational conference on energy efficient future

Friday, June 15, 2018

Just after Warsaw, the Engineering Tomorrow talks conference will be held in Kyiv on June 15th. Ukraine's capital and biggest city with a population of over 4 mln people, Kyiv will hold the most inspirational conference about energy-efficient future in Mystetskyi Arsenal, ХIXth century factory, now re-established as innovative expo-center for arts and technologies.

A post-Soviet economy, Ukraine turned away from inclusive subsidizing of the residential and public sector only in 2014. Since 2015, heating rates have risen more than 3 times, making local authorities and private owners look for efficient ways to reduce expenses. Energy efficiency is also essential for Ukraine's industry, as far as energy intensity of Ukraine's economy remains at the lowest rates in Europe. It signifies that the country's industry has a great potential to increase its profitability using smart technology.

Partnering with the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Architecture, along with Danish Embassy, Engineering tomorrow talks in Kyiv will gather city mayors, managers of district heating and water utility companies, food-retailers, developers and architects to discuss cutting edge technologies that allow to build energy-efficient buildings and systems of tomorrow.

During Kyiv's #ETtalks, the participants search for answers to quite practical questions, like:

  • How city can utilize all available sources of heat in a smart way?
  • How a Waste Water Treatment Plant Water can become energy neutral
  • How can a supermarket heat neighboring buildings?
  • What if we choose the wrong path for developing the technology?

“I am fascinated about urban technologies. Speaking about Engineering Tomorrow I believe we need to have a vision first and we need to design a better tomorrow before we start engineering”, says Jens Martin Skibsted, a world-famous designer, design thinker and entrepreneur.

“I believe it is fantastic that Danfoss, as a global leader, initiates a global series of visionary conferences on energy efficiency. Ukraine has a great potential and readiness to become an economy with efficient energy consumption. With innovative technologies and approaches, we are really able to achieve more with less”, says Andriy Berestian, General Manager, Danfoss Ukraine.

The guests of #ETtalks are prominent personalities from the world of science, technology and business, who create or influence the development of innovative solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency. The speakers list includes:

Jens Martin Skibsted - a designer and design thinker whose work has been collected by SFMOMA, MoMA, The Danish Museum of Art & Design and Le CNAP.
Anette S. Galskjøt - CEO International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP).
John Dulac - Energy Lead in the Directorate of Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks at the International Energy Agency.
Lars Tveen - President, Danfoss Heating Mads Warming - Global Lead, Water & Wastewater, Danfoss Drives.
Paul Voss - Managing Director Euroheat & Power.

The conference’s media-partners are:  liga.net and epravda.com.ua. The participation in the conference is free. The number of participants is limited. Registration to #ETtalks is required: www.ettalks.kiev.ua

The conference will be broadcast via livestreaming on Danfoss Ukraine Facebook.

More information here.

Further information:
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Engineering the world of Tomorrow

Engineering the world of Tomorrow

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