The Green Restart Series

The Green Restart is an initiative from Danfoss showcasing how we can accelerate the pace of economic recovery and generate sustainable growth, by working together towards a decarbonized future.
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The Korean New Deal and Commercial Buildings

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The right building blocks
We have proven technologies to make buildings and the systems within them more energy efficient, but often they are being underused. Discover their potential.
Video: Future-proofing our buildings
By making energy-efficient infrastructure a priority, we can create jobs while future-proofing our buildings to create better and more sustainable cities.

The Green Restart whitepaper: Korean New Deal

In July 2020, the Korean government launched the Korean New Deal. The deal aims to help Korea achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 while simultaneously accelerating its transition towards a low-carbon economy – in addition to creating 1.9 million jobs by 2025. Consisting of two main policies – the Digital New Deal and Green New Deal – the Korean New Deal will, ultimately, support Korea’s overall rapid growth.

Our whitepaper includes key perspectives and tangible solutions and actions on how to create jobs, embrace green infrastructure, and generate sustainable growth.


Accelerating the electrification of transport is key to a green restart

Case: Danfoss and ZF join forces to reinvent transportation
Danfoss and ZF Friedrichshafen AG are driving innovation to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector and cut CO2 emissions.
Video: Now is the moment to accelerate the electrification of transport
How can we use this moment to drive a sustainable transformation as well generate economic recovery, and create new jobs?
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A decarbonized future for industrial sectors

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Article: Why industry needs a reset - and how to do it
Manufacturing and industry are now responsible for around 25% of the final energy consumption and about 20% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about how to reset the industry.
Video: A competitive, decarbonized future for our industries
Energy efficiency, electrification and sector integration are the key levers to transform our industries and help achieve our climate targets.


The Green Restart Series: fueling economic recovery and climate action