Factory Efficiency Days: A green and reliable pan-European power supply

Date: 8 June, 2021
Location: Online
Factory Efficiency Days: A green and reliable pan-European power supply

Paving the way for a green and reliable pan-European power supply

Our energy system is changing rapidly, driven by ambitious political objectives to reduce greenhouse gasses as well as costs for green electricity production. Consequently, fossil fuels as a source of energy will be replaced sooner rather than later by electrification. It’s expected that electricity demand will more than double due to electrification. But electrification is more than just using electricity to heat, for road transport and datacenters. It also covers power-to-X of industrial processes, heavy transport at sea, road, and air. This development will be facilitated by increasing digitization, automation of an enormous amount of data and artificial intelligence to manage the increasing complexity.

Making sure the energy supply of tomorrow is both green and reliable is no easy task. How can we ensure a stable and sustainable pan-European power supply isn’t just fantastic, but actually feasible?

Your key takeaways

  1. How to utilize the advantages of electrification fully in your business?
  2. Thinking beyond sectors will open up new business opportunities.

Keynote speakers

Peter Markussen is CEO and responsible for the market development of ancillary services at Energinet: He knows first-hand how the green transition is both progressing as well as challenging our current energy system. Therefore, he welcomes the close cooperation of technology suppliers, industrial electricity consumers and system operators to find, develop and demonstrate new solutions for green and affordable energy systems.

Watch recording: How the green transition will fundamentally change the European electricity system

Søren Kvorning, Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing and Services of Danfoss Drives, knows about the transformative power of energy-efficient thinking to businesses. Challenged by ambitious political targets, the industry has smart solutions to offer. Søren is certain green growth is possible indeed!

Watch recording: How to achieve real green growth through energy efficiency and sector coupling

Welcome to the Factory Efficiency Days  

We have a series of four business-relevant events lined up to inspire you with valuable and innovative ideas on how to elevate energy efficiency in your factory. The events will make a real difference for you and your business. We will talk to thought leaders within energy policies, energy management, distribution and consumption and take you through some of the technical trends that shape our society in 2021.