Food Retail webinar series

Date: 15 April - 31 May, 2024

What is new in CO2 world? Heat recovery 

Join us for an informative session as we explore the latest advancements in the CO₂ world, with a special focus on heat recovery solutions. In this session, we'll delve into the technical aspects of heat recovery unit. Specifically, we'll highlight the heat recovery unit and its new application key. Additionally, we'll demonstrate the practical application of heat recovery units using Coolselector. We will also look into H48T brazed plate heat exchanger featuring the Micro Plate™ technology for CO₂ applications dedicated for heat recovery in Food Retail.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge technologies driving progress in the CO₂ industry and discover how heat recovery solutions can contribute to your sustainability goals. Register now and join us for an engaging session filled with valuable information and insights.

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