Why is water so high on the agenda?

Monday, June 13, 2016
The Globe sitting in a lifebuoy on a body of water

A cyclical approach

Over-extraction of fresh water, climate change and population growth are well-recorded global threats to water sustainability and economic growth. The good part of the story is that there are already technical solutions available to deal with these challenges.

In order to solve the water crises, or at least alleviate some of the most critical problems, we need to take different approaches, for example:

  • adopt the following principles – reduce, reuse and recycle
  • look at the entire water cycle – the river basin approach
  • take a zero-waste standpoint based on the principles of a circular economy where waste is food, diversity is strength and energy must come from renewable sources

So, where does Danfoss Drives fit into this equation? As the world’s most water-focused AC-drive company, Danfoss Drives has a thorough understanding of all water-based applications and processes. We are leading the way in developing AC-drive solutions that:

  • reduce water loss in cities and larger irrigation systems
  • optimize facilities that reuse, for example, wastewater and so help the recycling process
  • are essential in creating completely energy-neutral catchment areas (both in water supply and wastewater handling)
  • enhance process performance and control in all parts of the water industry
  • improve water quality

AC drives are vital to many industry sub-segments

AC drives control the speed of motors in a wide range of pump, blower, mixer and dewatering applications both within municipalities and in the industrial side of the business. Today, drives are widely used in water production and distribution facilities and wastewater pumping and treatment systems. They are also essential in the very important irrigation industry where some sites use 70% of the available water.

In drinking water distribution systems, for example, AC drives regulate the pressure in the water distribution system to the real need in the pressure zones using boosting pumping stations. This creates energy savings of 25–40%, reduces water leakage by 30–40%, and lowers the risk of new breaks by as much as 50%.

In irrigation systems, AC drives ensure there’s enough water to get a maximum crop yield without using more water and energy than absolutely necessary.

Play the video about one of our successful case stories here:

Energy neutrality in the water cycle

Although it might be difficult to believe, successful water management doesn’t have to be energy intensive. With extensive use of AC drives, energy-efficient components and real-life online process control combined with energy production based on the methane from a wastewater plant’s digester, the first full-scale facilities for a 200,000-person catchment area are now in operation on a completely energy-neutral basis, and without the need to add external carbon or use solar or wind power. Moreover, energy neutrality covers the whole water cycle, from water production and distribution to wastewater pumping and treatment.




Our expertise is recognized worldwide

Denmark is renowned for its green initiatives that are saving water resources and energy around the world. Danfoss is part of a consortium of 12 leading Danish water technology companies, consultants and interest groups that recently presented its solutions at the White House Water Summit. Solutions that will support the US Administration’s goal of reducing water consumption in the US by 33 percent. We are also one of the partners in the Water Technology Alliance – a Danish collaboration that is making knowledge and technology available for American water utilities in, for example, California where drought is recurring.

The International Energy Agency (IEA), recognized as one of the world’s absolute top authorities within the field of energy savings and energy production, has shown considerable interest in Danfoss Drives’ solutions for energy neutrality. As were delegates at the recent Energy Savings Summit in Brussels.

The opinions of our experts are valued and our technology is trusted to help combat the water challenges faced by the world today. You can read more about our solutions, products and case stories here.

Water is, after all, a product that needs to be sourced, processed and delivered. And, for human life to continue, it’s a product that must never go out of stock.

Author: Mads Warming, Danfoss Drives Global Segment Director for Water and Wastewater