It’s a harsh world… part 1

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Frozen St Joseph lighthouse, Michigan

Cold. Hot. Caustic. Metallic. Indoor. Outdoor. Dust. Particulates. Fluff… When it comes to environments, there’s simply no telling where an AC drive will be installed.

So many applications bring with them so many individual challenges that it’s possible for the installation environment to be overlooked completely. However, not considering the environment from the beginning can result in a combination of increased maintenance costs, higher service costs, a decrease in operational reliability or, worst of all, more downtime.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll take a fairly detailed look into what kind of impact each of these environments can potentially have on your AC drive. We’ll identify which applications are more commonly affected, how the conditions affect the AC drives (and other electronic components), what are the appropriate precautions that can be taken to protect your investments, and which products Danfoss Drives can provide to make the job even easier.

So, which environments can you expect to read about over the entire “It’s a harsh world…” series? You’ll see below a breakdown of the topics. As we add posts to the series, we’ll update this post with links to the others to make navigation as easy as possible. Just scroll down to the particular topic that interests you and click on the title to jump right in.

Jake Roeder, Global Product Marketing Manager, Danfoss Drives
Abraham González Ponce, Application Knowledge Manager, Application & Service Products, Danfoss Drives.

Photo source: St Joseph lighthouse, Michigan, photographer Tom Gill (check out his blog for more frozen lighthouses).