Ever thought about how software has transformed the journey from design to commissioning of a drive?

Friday, June 10, 2022

From the FocusOnDrives blog

In recent years, software evolution has completely revolutionized the way we can work with drives right from the design stage, through to commissioning and operation. These new capabilities thanks to rapid software development are a trend that we observe in all industries.

With the help of software, these days we have access to huge volumes of data obtained from testing and operation. And we have useful models that we can use in simulation and in operations.

MyDrive Suite – What you put in is what you get out

However, when putting models to work we have probably all learned the hard way, that what you put in is what you get out! To get the best results, it is crucial to use the right simulation model based on precise device data which is fine-tuned by expert software engineers. When you use original Danfoss software, you actually get the same model we use in our own research and development. It doesn’t get more precise than that.

Software also helps you to fine-tune your applications to optimize energy efficiency and save costs (it’s convenient, how acting to meet our climate targets is also good for one’s budget). Here, the MyDrive® ecoSmart tool helps you to meet the requirements of the EU Ecodesign Directive. It helps you to calculate efficiency class and part-load efficiency for drives and drive + motor combinations. It also creates a PDF report to document part-load loss data and IE or IES efficiency class.

Efficiency is also a hot topic when mitigating harmonics, where efficiency must balance with performance. Here there can be many thousand euros of difference between the best and the next-best solution. And where interference-free performance is critical in complex and sensitive environments, then intelligent software is valuable in navigating complex solutions. Thanks to software like MyDrive® Harmonics, you are now able to test the impact of the network. Then you can use the right solutions to reduce that impact, in an economical way!

Beyond system design

Good software is not only useful in the design phase. Software also helps you to commission the drive using the full palette of parameters available. VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10, VACON® Live, and VACON® NCDrive have been our most popular tools over the decades. Today, we supplement them with commissioning tools for an even broader range of drives.

When designing software, user interface and customer experience are central. So, at Danfoss we think a lot about convenience and accessibility. Software availability is crucial: the software must be there right when you need it. And the need for an overview, as well as having the right tool at your fingertips is why we invented MyDrive® Suite.

This suite is a software hub, where all our official Danfoss Drives software tools are located centrally in one place. As single point of access, MyDrive® Suite saves you time and money in finding the right Danfoss tool for your task. The tools are organized so you can easily navigate to the right software to select, dimension, customize, validate performance, set up, or service your Danfoss drive. Need to understand the software better? Check out the learning videos available inside MyDrive® Suite to guide you in selecting and applying the tools.

With MyDrive® Suite, you are always guaranteed the latest software version. Are you still missing something? We give you the opportunity to share your opinion for ongoing improvements. In fact, we actively use direct customer feedback to ensure regular and relevant improvement of the tools available. Why not try it out and let us know what you think?

Author: René Ellegaard Andersen, Director of Software Tools at Danfoss Drives