Reduce lifecycle costs

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Increase your savings and design freedom with the ICV intelligent control

Chapter 1. ICV the modular and flexible valve concept 

The modular ICV concept gives you a high degree of flexibility to create a valve that suits your requirements. The common valve body for ICS and ICM is available in several different connection sizes. Different function modules offering you a very wide range of capacities and functions can be installed in each valve body.

Easy installation and service 

ICV valves are quick and simple to install. Due to their low weight and compact design they are easy to handle. 

The direct-coupled connections make it unnecessary to use flanges. Servicing is also made easy. When servicing valves up to size DN 65 simply replace the function module. For the large valves, we offer several spare part kits to replace the worn parts inside the function module.

Ready for the refrigerants of the future 

All ICV control valves are designed and tested to withstand a maximum working pressure of up to 52 bar (750 psi) in a media temperature range of –60/+120°C (–76/+248°F), making them all suitable for the natural refrigerant CO2 and other future high-pressure refrigerants. The high-pressure rating provides you with unmatched freedom when designing your applications.

High regulation performance with the unique valve port regulating cone 

The special V-port design in the ICV regulating cone provides stable and smooth control characteristics compared to valves having a traditional flat port design. It enables the temperature set-point to be adjusted to a higher level, which provides a higher suction pressure, and a much better COP, ultimately leading to significant energy savings.

Chapter 2. ICS, a significant upgrade to the PM valve

We are confident that the phase-out of the well-known PM valves which will conclude during 2012 will be easily managed knowing that you will have the best possible replacement in the ICS. Danfoss has produced a conversion table to help you select the correct replacement which is available from your Partner Wholesaler or local Danfoss Sales Office.

The ICV concept has now been available since 2004 and is well proven in industrial refrigeration applications with the ICS offering many benefits over the PM valve making it the only choice for all future projects. We would, therefore, recommend that any of our customers who have not yet done so should change over to the ICS solution.

Flat piston Performance Regulation cone as standard
28 bar Pressure 52 bar
Cast Iron Materials Low temp steel
Ranged Construction Connections Direct-coupled connections
Large and heavy Size/weight Compact and light

If you require further assistance or information concerning the ICV concept or replacing the PM valve with the ICS valve then please contact your official Danfoss Wholesaler or your local Danfoss Sales Office.