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Delivering a customized service experience

Delivering a customized service experience

Every AC drive application is different. DrivePro® Life Cycle Services is a collection of tailor-made products designed around your needs.

From optimized spare part packages to condition-monitoring solutions, customize our products to support your business through the different stages of your AC drive’s life cycle.

Services for every lifecycle phase of a drive

DrivePro® Lifecycle Services go beyond simple troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. They also proactively improve productivity, performance, and uptime. From optimized spare-part packages to condition-monitoring solutions, our products can be customized to help you achieve your business goals.

Each service is designed to fit your AC drive throughout each phase of its lifecycle. Plus with one contact for your DrivePro® Lifecycle Services needs, we ensure you receive a fast response, save time, and avoid complexity.

Rest assured that your AC drive is well-taken care of and performs optimally from day one to disassembly and reuse, making the unsustainable, linear 'take-make-dispose' model a thing of the past. DrivePro® Lifecycle Services help ensure a reliable business operation and a more sustainable consumption and production pattern. Durable AC drives maintained with excellent service are a wise investment not just for your business, but for the future of the planet.

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Lifecycle management model of a Danfoss AC drive

AC drives in the new phase are best for new projects or for retrofitting existing customer sites. These AC drives are supported with access to the full range of DrivePro® services.

AC drives in the active phase are recommended for new installations and extensions to existing customer sites. These AC drives are supported with access to the full range of DrivePro® services and critical firmware upgrades.

AC drives in the limited phase can no longer be purchased and have limited service options. Basic maintenance, spare parts, and repair services are available for a limited time.*

AC drives in the inactive phase have been discontinued and spare parts and service options are no longer available, making it high risk. An onsite audit is recommended to ensure smooth planning of an AC drive replacement with minimal downtime.

*Technical support is provided for all AC drives for up to 10 years. Spare part availability is provided for a minimum of 5 years after the product has been given end-of-life status.

Product range

DrivePro® professional services & spare parts

The expected lifecycle of an AC drive is long and contains diverse phases, each with different characteristics and requirements. From engineering and dimensioning for a new installation through procurement, delivery and installation to the long usage phase, all activities contribute to the value chain and product’s lifecycle. DrivePro® services have been designed to maximize the benefits by improving overall efficiency and profitability, and minimize the operational costs of the Danfoss AC-drive solution in any application or industry segment.

Fact sheet: DrivePro® Service Programs

Drive Coverage Programs

When emergency response threatens your budget Danfoss DrivePro® Coverage programs provide the solution

Given the rigors and challenges faced in today’s facilities, even the best performing VFDs need protection. Combining the reliability of Danfoss products with professional and effective DrivePro® service ensures maximum up-time and eliminates unplanned expenses. DrivePro® coverage programs offer the comfort of knowing Danfoss takes responsibility for supporting Danfoss products well into the future.

  • Industry’s longest coverage, up to ten years
  • 24/7 factory technical phone support
  • One call, one single point of contact
  • Certified factory and local technicians
  • Original equipment replacement parts

Fact sheet: Coverage programs fact sheet

DrivePro® Replacement Programs

Higher performance. Increased up-time. Healthier budget.
DrivePro® replacement programs are tailored to meet your organizational budget and operational needs. Danfoss offers both quick-shipment and turn-key solutions for replacing aging drives that are no longer economical to repair. Replace old equipment and increase the reliability and effectiveness of your variable speed systems by leveraging the newest drive product features.

Why standardize on Danfoss Drive products?

  • Improve ongoing system operation and support.
  • Reduce energy costs by upgrading to the latest Danfoss technology
  • Save replacement costs and minimize changes to existing installations with pre-engineered adapter kits which allow for reuse of existing panel options and enclosures.
  • Quick replacement by local drive service professionals.

Fact sheet: DrivePro® Replacement Programs


Get the benefits of DrivePro® services at your fingertips.

Case studies

DrivePro® keeps costs down for St Joe's medical center

Danfoss provided a flexible, long-term solution for managing its VFD assets by replacing aging equipment with new Danfoss drives over a multi-year period.

Improving services through digitalization

Improving services through digitalization

Prevention of downtime, faster recovery from failures and optimized system performance are realities made possible now.