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Versatile functionality, flexible operation

Part of the ICV Flexline™ valve family, ICS pilot-operated servo valves comprise three main components: valve body, function module, and top cover. Designed for low- and high-pressure refrigerants, ICS valves can be used to regulate pressure, temperature, and on/off functions in refrigeration systems. Incredibly versatile, ICS valves can be used on the high and low pressure sides, in wet and dry suction lines, and in liquid lines without phase change.

Thanks to their low weight and compact design, ICS valves are quick and easy to handle, install, and service. Designed and tested to withstand a maximum working pressure of 52 bar (754 psi) in a media temperature range of −76°F to 248°F, ICS valves are suitable for CO2, ammonia, and other high-pressure refrigerants.

The ICS's special regulating cone V-port design allows the temperature set-point to be adjusted to a higher level, and a better COP, leading to energy savings.

ICS's modular design enables a high degree of flexibility to create a valve that meets system requirements. The common valve body for ICS is available in several different connection sizes. Different function modules in the ICS series offer a wide range of capacities and functions which can be installed in each valve body. The valves have direct weld connections allowing for high pressure and a tighter design compared to traditional flanged valves.

Features and benefits

Fast and easy handling, installation and service

Low weight and compact design

Suitable for HCFC, HFC, ammonia and CO2

Optimized pressure control improves efficiency

Connection types include butt weld, socket weld, solder and flare

A red-scaled product representing the brochure for Danfoss ICLX 2-step solenoid valves for industrial refrigeration

Reduce lifecycle costs, increase savings and design freedom

The ICS Flexline™ servo operated valves are not only designed to give you savings and design freedom, but they also provide a reliable, safe and green solution for your needs - both now and in the future.


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Brochure Reduce lifecycle costs Increase savings and design freedom - The ICV Control Valve - member of the Flexline family English Multiple 17 Apr, 2015 4.2 MB .pdf

Tools and apps

The same industrial refrigeration photo we use for just about everything, this time promoting the Industrial refrigeration application tool by Danfoss

Industrial refrigeration application tool

Want to know more about industrial refrigeration with ammonia? The IR application tool is an interactive PowerPoint slideshow that takes you through all details of a two-stage ammonia plant. By clicking on a specific area of the plant, you will be provided with detailed cut-away drawings and information on the specific valves required. You will also find useful links to technical literature, product animations and videos.

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