ICM Flexline™ motor valves

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Compact design, easy installation

ICM motor-operated valves, from Danfoss' ICV Flexline™ series, are easy to handle, install, and service due to their low weight and compact design. ICM valves regulate the expansion process in liquid lines and control pressure or temperature in wet and dry suction lines and hot gas lines.

ICM valves are comprised of three main components: a valve body, a combined function module/top cover, and an ICAD actuator. The design of ICM valves ensures that the opening and closing forces remain balanced; therefore, only three sizes of the ICAD actuator are needed for the complete ICM range, from DN 20 to DN 150. Even when assembled with an ICAD actuator, the ICM valve continues to offer a compact unit with small dimensions.

The ICM valves are ready for the refrigerants of the future like CO2 and ammonia, tested to withstand a maximum working pressure of up to 754 psi (52 bar) in a media temperature range of –76 °F to +248 °F.

ICM motor valves are available as a complete valve and through Danfoss' parts program.

Features and benefits

Fast and easy handling, installation and service

Low weight and compact design

Suitable for natural, high-pressure refrigerants like CO₂

Industry-leading control characteristics

Energy savings through high suction pressure and better COP

A red-scaled metal product representing the brochure on Danfoss ICM Flexline motor valves for industrial refrigeration

Reduce lifecycle costs, increase savings and design freedom

The ICM Flexline™ motor valves are not only designed to give you savings and design freedom, but they also provide a reliable, safe and green solution for your needs - both now and in the future.


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Application guide Application Handbook - Automatic Controls for Industrial Refrigeration Systems Arabic; Bulgarian; Czech; Danish; German; Greek (modern); English; Spanish, Castilian; Estonian; Persian; Finnish; French; Irish; Hebrew (modern); Hindi; Croatian; Hungarian; Indonesian; Icelandic; Italian; Japanese; Kazakh; Korean; Lithuanian; Latvian; Macedonian; Norwegian Bokmål; Dutch, Flemish; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan; Russian; Slovak; Slovenian; Serbian (RS); Swedish; Tamil; Thai; Turkish; Ukrainian; Vietnamese; Chinese (CN) Multiple 06 Oct, 2020 17.3 MB .pdf
Installation guide Installation, Programming, and Troubleshooting - ICM/ICAD Motorized Valves Quick Start Guide English Multiple 19 Apr, 2021 2.5 MB .pdf
Installation guide Motor operated valve ICM 100-150 English; Portuguese Multiple 22 Nov, 2013 1.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet Motor operated valves, type ICM 20-150 - Actuators, types ICAD 600A and ICAD 1200A English United States 02 Oct, 2018 6.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet Motor operated valves, type ICM 20-150 - Actuators, types ICAD 600A and ICAD 1200A English Multiple 02 Oct, 2018 9.0 MB .pdf
Brochure Reduce lifecycle costs Increase savings and design freedom - The ICV Control Valve - member of the Flexline family English Multiple 17 Apr, 2015 4.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet Spare parts and accessories - Spare part kits - ICV valves - ICS, ICM, ICLX English Multiple 20 Sep, 2017 19.1 MB .pdf


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