ICV Flexline™ with flanges

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Making retrofit easier

The ICV with flanges is available in five sizes: ICV 25 PM, ICV 35 PM, ICV 40 PM, ICV 50 PM and ICV 65 PM.

The ICV with flanges gives you the possibility of combining one valve housing with three different functionality inserts (pilot, motor-operated or two-step valves), making installation and servicing much simpler. And with the flanged connections, there is no need to decommission your entire refrigeration system in order to get the benefits of the Flexline™ range.

Now, it's just a question of removing your old PM valves and dropping in the new ICV flanged valve. By doing so you will extend the lifetime of your existing refrigeration installation, giving you reductions in cost and energy.

A modular platform

As part of our continual innovation processes, Danfoss has now introduced the ICV (H)A4A with flanges based on the innovative ICV Flexline™ platform as a direct replacement for any available flanged control valves on the market.

The ICV Flexline™ valves offer a modular platform with just one common valve housing and three functional inserts for the ICS-(H)A4A and ICS-(H)S4A pilot valve, the ICM-HMMV and ICM-HMMR motor valve and the ICLX-S9A two-step valve, making it easier to plan, design and fit your refrigeration installation.

The ICV Flexline™ range of valves lead to a simpler installation layout with fewer components and a reduced need for spare parts, too.

No cutting or welding needed

Now, Danfoss has supplemented the ICV Flexline™ range with the brand new flanged ICV (H)A4A valve, which will fit where any existing flanged control valves used to be – without the need of cutting or welding.

With the flanged ICV (H)A4A, you will experience the benefits of the ICV Flexline™ valve range: the flexibility, the easy installation, and the servicing. The ICV (H)A4A with flanged connections is available in five sizes:

  • ICV 25 (H)A4A for 3/4" and 1" flanged control valves
  • ICV 32 (H)A4A for 11/4" flanged control valves
  • ICV 40 (H)A4A for 11/2" flanged control valves
  • ICV 50 (H)A4A for 2" flanged control valves
  • ICV 65 (H)A4A for 21/2" flanged control valves

Features and benefits

Flanged connections for easy and direct replacement of PM valves

No need for cutting or welding

Easy and fast servicing

Corrosion resistant design (QPQ)

No need for disassembly before commission

High regulation performance with the special V-port

One-stop shop for all spare parts and components

Proven Danfoss quality and reliability

Upgrade from PM to ICM or ICLX and get lower pressure drop

Brochure cover on Danfoss ICV Flexline™ with flanges for industrial refrigeration

ICV with flanges: Retrofit made easy

Danfoss introduces the ICV valve with flanges as a full replacement for your PM valves.


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Data sheet Flanged ICV for Regulators, Solenoids, Motorized valves and Gas-powered suction valves - Type ICS-(H)A4A, ICS-(H)S4A, ICM-HMMV, ICM-HMMR and ICLX-S9A English United States 08 Sep, 2020 3.6 MB .pdf
Brochure ICV with flanges: Retrofit made easy English Multiple 08 Sep, 2016 2.9 MB .pdf

Tools and apps

The same industrial refrigeration photo we use for just about everything, this time promoting the Industrial refrigeration application tool by Danfoss

Industrial refrigeration application tool

Want to know more about industrial refrigeration with ammonia? The IR application tool is an interactive PowerPoint slideshow that takes you through all details of a two-stage ammonia plant. By clicking on a specific area of the plant, you will be provided with detailed cut-away drawings and information on the specific valves required. You will also find useful links to technical literature, product animations and videos.

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