Evaporator control

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Evaporator control

The EKE 400 Evaporator Controller is specifically designed for industrial refrigeration systems, significantly reducing installation time and costs. The EKE 400 can be used for defrosting both DX and flooded evaporators and supports multiple defrost methods, including hot gas defrost (pressure control/liquid drain), electrical defrost, and water/brine defrost.

The easy-to-use wizard enables quick setup of key parameters and proper valve selection for specific applications. As the wizard guides users, it filters out irrelevant parameters based on current selections and common selections used previously. The controller includes both modbus communication, which allows integration to our PLC systems, and CAN bus, which manages internal communication between EKE 400 controllers.

Optimize your system's cooling mode and defrost sequence for efficient, safe, and trouble-free evaporator operation.

Features and benefits

Complete solution from Danfoss

Control panel available with one, two, three or four EKE 4000 controllers in one panel

Each evaporator has its own dedicated controller

Optional secondary door-mounted control display

Application-specific evaporator control panel manages operation in cooling and defrost modes for optimal performance

Suitable for small and large systems alike

Applicable for defrosting flooded evaporators and DX evaporators

Supports hot gas defrost, electrical defrost, and water/brine defrost modes

One point of contact regardless of valve, actuator, sensor, or controller support required

Cost-efficient installation and easy setup

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) reduce controls installation costs compared to central PLC systems

Easy-to-use wizard enables quick setup of key parameters, reducing the need for PLC programming in the field

Setup replication to multiple EKE 400 units via Danfoss Config tool

Specifically designed to get the best performance from Danfoss valves; also supports non-Danfoss valves

Modbus communication allows integration to central PLC system

Communication for interconnection of multiple EKE 400 controllers and process alignment

Operational safety and efficiency

Highly flexible, standardized solution

Predefined process sequence for reliable operation and defrost management

Compliant with IIAR recommendations for hot gas defrosting

Included wizard supports correct valve selection for specific evaporator applications

Reduced reliance on PLC programming expertise

Product range

Related applications

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