Microprocessor control for OEM applications

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Microprocessor control for OEM applications

From conception to implementation, Danfoss AAIM Controls provides components, technical expertise, and support for OEMs looking to build a complete industrial refrigeration solutions.

We produce more OEM control products—including microprocessor controls, control panels, power modules, embedded controls, and PLC systems—than any other controls manufacturer, making Danfoss the most experienced industrial controls supplier. Our proven track record is why we supply many of our industry's OEMs.

Features and benefits

Extensive experience and a proven track record for embedded controls for industrial refrigeration OEMs

Complete EMC solutions from concept to production—guided by our technical expertise and long-term support.

Reliable and cost-effective solutions

Product range

Related applications

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Kelli and Portia office

Our team of industrial refrigeration experts is ready to help you get started. Contact us to learn how Danfoss AAIM can design the best solution for you:

Email: baltimore@danfoss.com 
Phone: +1-717-765-9100

Danfoss AAIM Controls, 11885 Mutual Drive, Waynesboro, PA 17268

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