PLC control systems

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PLC control systems

Danfoss AAIM Controls vast experience designing industrial refrigeration systems enables us to support our customer’s processing facilities, cold storage, and custom OEM manufacturer applications needs. We excel at finding solutions for difficult circumstances, such as size restrictions or environmental challenges.

We provide customers with experienced field engineers to collaborate and offer design suggestions to develop and implement a convenient, efficient refrigeration control system. Our wide range of customized PLC controls use intelligent modulation to optimize plant management, reduce energy and operating costs, and ensure a high level of employee and product safety.

Danfoss AAIM Controls industrial refrigeration control systems are built on Allen-Bradley hardware and Rockwell software that have been industry standard for decades. This pedigree allows us to deliver a robust product that will remain in service and reliable for many years. With Allen-Bradley hardware, our customers can purchase off-the-shelf replacement parts if the need arises.

Features and benefits

Units built around IIAR safety standards

UL508A and cUL compliant

Compressors staged to reduce downtime and increase efficiency

Wet bulb temp used to float the discharge pressure up or down to run the condenser more efficiently

Easy to navigate, user-friendly graphical interface

Historical trending graphs provided for clients to tune their system efficiency, saving money in kilowatt usage

Intelligent equipment control for reduced energy consumption

Communication interface to OEM industry standard control panels

Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Modbus RTU expertise

Virtual training tools for customers available

PLC Control Systems to match your needs

Product range

Related applications

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