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Accurate pressure data is crucial in safeguarding

How heavy is the load? In today's world, cranes and other large handling machines must operate within very specific load ranges. As operator demands increase, accurate pressure data from the load limiting systems in your high quality lifting machines are crucial in safeguarding your equipment, the load, and not least the operator.

Features and benefits

Excellent EMC immunity ensuring a failsafe measuring signal

Zero drift due to excellent long term stability ensuring safety of the machine

High accuracy enabling safe and energy efficient operation

Related applications

  • A garbage truck starring a garbage man dressed in all yellow loading a dumpster to be disposed representing compaction pressure control solutions by Danfoss
    Compaction pressure control

    Compaction pressure control with a Danfoss transmitter helps prevent overfilled garbage trucks , which can damage trash containers and cause overweight.

  • Danfoss hydraulic sensors for exhaust gas recycling
    Exhaust gas recycling

    The recirculation of exhaust gas reduces emissions, helping you comply with Tier IV regulations. Danfoss temperature sensors help your system quickly react to temperature changes and are suitable for a wide temperature range.

  • Danfoss hydraulic sensors for filter indication
    Filter indication

    Danfoss pressure transmitters help you reduce downtime and equipment wear and tear by providing you with continuous updates on the oil saturation level in your hydraulic filters.

  • Functional Safety - Danfoss
    Functional safety

    Hydraulic sensors for safety critical systems. By using two pressure transmitters mounted on the main hydraulic cylinder system redundancy is created in the system.

  • Harvester Head Pressure Control - Danfoss
    Harvester head pressure control

    To obtain maximum speed and grip on the tree when sent through the harvester head, controlling pressure on the feeder rollers is a key aspect.

  • Hydraulic Cooling System - Danfoss
    Hydraulic cooling system

    Reliable cooling is essential to ensure the safe and reliable operation of any hydraulic system. With a Danfoss temperature sensor, you can control hydraulic oil temperature, reducing downtime and equipment wear.

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