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Monitoring saturation of hydraulic oil filters

Saturation of hydraulic oil filters is typically surveilled by mechanical devices with poor performance. This solution gives a poor indication when to change the filter due to saturation, causing contaminated oil or high viscosity of the oil caused by a too low temperature. By using a MBS 2050 pressure transmitter it provides a continuous indication on level of saturation which reduces downtime and wear and tear.

Typical specifications

  • Pressure range: 0.5 –3 bar
  • Accuracy: 1.0 % FS
  • Overpressure: 6 x FS

Features and benefits

Good overall accuracy

Excellent EMC immunity

Wide operating temperature range

Good vibration and shock stability

Zero drift due to excellent long term stability

Wide range of electrical and pressure connections

Wetted parts made of stainless steel

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