Condition based monitoring in water applications

Get the right information at the right time

Intelligent controllers can provide critical data about themselves, their connected motors, or transfer information from other sensors to provide a complete picture about the integrity of your system. By planning ahead you can significantly reduce costs and system downtime.

Condition based monitoring

Maximize uptime in critical water applications

Unplanned downtime of water and wastewater facilities can be catastrophic for essential infrastructure and those who depend on it today. Danfoss technology empowers front line operators - both on site and remote - to predict unforeseen early failures thereby better planning for maintenance and keeping essential facilities like yours running at optimal uptime.

The intelligence within the VLT® AQUA Drive

Enabling Condition-based monitoring allows you to identify issues before they result in downtime. Intelligence embedded in the VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202 automatically defines baseline parameters for water and wastewater applications, at all speeds and real-life operating cycles. In the event an issue is detected, Digital cascade control Hot Swap technology combined with back-up master functionality ensures reliable, stable and easy operation to help you stay up and running. In addition to the features provide by the VLT AQUA Drive, Danfoss offers DrivePro®-tection which provides up to a 6 year on-site warranty to insure continued operation of your drive.

Water treatment plant

Danfoss VFD in the water industry

Fresh, clean water is a basic element of civilization—vital for agriculture and important for industries. Danfoss provides game-changing concepts to extend our precious water and energy resources. From desalination via reverse osmosis, to traditional water production, water distribution and wastewater treatment, Danfoss gives you energy-efficient solutions. Today, it’s even possible to generate energy during water processing, fulfilling the energy need of the entire water cycle.

CBM programming guide

Condition-based monitoring programming guide

See how easy it is to set-up CBM in this go-to commissioning guide.