Basic component selection

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Basic component selection

Here, we will go through creating a project in which we try selection and calculation for a few components in a very simplified refrigeration cycle as it can be seen in the following graph and properties snippet. We will also discuss how to customize the project with your own name, how to get bill of materials and how to generate a report for this project. Make sure your preferences choice is set to “’all applications’ in “Options | Preferences | All applications”:

System properties 1


Cycle diagram 1

For the following explanations on basic component selection, we will use the information in System Properties 1 and Cycle Diagram 1 above.

First, and to give you an overview of the “Valves and Line Components” part of Coolselector®2, we will start by selecting a DCA-DA burnout filter for the suction line in a dry system with the default operating conditions.

To do this, open Coolselector®2. Upon doing so, you will find that the program starts on the tab for ‘Valves and Line Components’. From this screen, among the different component functionalities, we will choose “Burnout filters”.


Coolselector®2 creates a dry system by default, and we then select the suction line and then click on the DCR-DA in the product families. You will see the list of valid products and the best one matching the selection criteria as depicted in the snippet below:


Here you can also see the other parameters for the filter in the table, such as acid capacity, as well as the pressure-drop as a function of changing the cooling capacity and keeping the other parameters constant.

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