Solenoid valves for wind turbines

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Fluid controls for wind turbine applications

Today, the increasing energy demand and the need for a cleaner environment, has resulted in heavily investments in renewable energy world wide like Wind Turbines. As the demand for sustainable energy increases, there is a growing need for highly efficient, robust and reliable wind turbines. The proven reliability of our products helps secure the optimal up-time of the turbines throughout their life

Highly effective and durable, Danfoss fluid controls for wind turbines are known to reliably open and close in even the toughest environment.

Product range

  • AVTA thermostatically operated water valves - Danfoss
    AVTA thermostatically operated water valves

    AVTA thermostatic operated water valves are used for proportional regulation of water flow quantity in refrigeration plants with water-cooled condensers for condensing pressure regulation purposes. AVTA water regulating valves give modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so maintain it constant during operation.

  • EV220B solenoid valves - Danfoss
    EV220B, servo-operated solenoid valves

    EV220B is a universal 2/2-way solenoid valve program. Valve body in brass, dezincification resistant brass and stainless steel ensures that a broad variety of application can be covered.

  • EV250B 2/2-way assisted lift operated solenoid valve danfoss
    EV250B, 2/2-way assisted lift operated solenoid valve

    EV250B with assisted lift can operate from zero and up to 10 bar differential pressure.This 2/2-way valve program is especially to use in closed circuits with low differential pressure, but demanding moderate flow rates. Valve body in dezincification resistant brass for ensuring a long life even in connection with aggressive steam media. EV250B is compatible with the broad Danfoss coil program with enclosures from IP00 up to IP67. Medium temperatures up to 140°C (low pressure steam).

  • EV260B Danfoss
    EV260B, servo-operated 2-way proportional solenoid valves

    EV260B is a proportional (modulating) servo-operated 2-way solenoid valve program with connections from 1/4” to 3/4”.Through stepless regulation of the coil current, the armature can be placed in any position in the armature tube, thus setting the valve to any position between completely closed and completely open.


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