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Mini handheld transmitter for mobile applications 

Ikompact is our handheld unit exclusively designed for mobile applications. This transmitter works in the 2.4 GHz universal band and it is used in utility/service cranes.  

Ikompact comprises two models, Ikompact 8 (8 push buttons) and Ikompact 12 (12 push buttons), which depend on the number of functions different projects will need. 


Transmitter  Ikompact 
Stop function  Cat. 3 - PLe. EN12849-1 and SIL 3 IEC 61508 / IEC 62061 
Ingress protection  IP65/NEMA4
Anti condensation system  N/A 
Frequency band  2.4 GHz 
Main mechanisms (max. #)  8 or 12 push buttons
Auxiliary mechanisms  Stop button 
Removable EEPROM  External 
Battery model  4 AAA Alkaline batteries 
Operating temperature range  -20C +70C (-4F +158F) 
Weight (with battery)   250 grams 
Harness  Lanyard/Hook 
Display  N/A 
Cable connection  N/A 
Range limiter  N/A 
Associated receivers  MP08 TR2400 


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet Ikompact Data Sheet Spanish, Castilian Multiple 02 May, 2019 620.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet IKOMPACT transmitter data sheet English Multiple 25 Apr, 2024 620.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet IKOMPACT Transmitter Data Sheet Chinese (CN) Multiple 02 Mar, 2021 734.6 KB .pdf
User guide Ikompact Transmitter User Manual Spanish, Castilian Multiple 30 May, 2019 3.0 MB .pdf
User guide Ikompact Transmitter User Manual English Multiple 28 Mar, 2019 3.0 MB .pdf

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