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Robustness and ergonomics in your hand 

Ikargo is our newest customizable handheld system which can be used in a wide range of configurations. This handheld has been designed with customization, service, robustness and user ergonomics in mind.

Ikargo comprises two models, Ikargo 1 (6 pushbuttons + multikey) and Ikargo 2 (10 pushbuttons + multikey) which depend on the number of functions different projects will need.

Both Ikargo transmitter models include a multikey, which is a device connected to the transmitter via RFID. This multikey can be used as the Key, as the Start and as a selector switch.


Transmitter  Ikargo 
Stop function  Cat. 3 - PLd 
Ingress protection  IP65/NEMA4
Anti condensation system  N/A
Frequency band  Multiband (400 – 930 MHz) 
Main mechanisms (max. #)  Push button (6 or 10) / Multikey (1) 
Removable EEPROM  External 
Battery model  BT11K  
Battery life  >8 hours
Operating temperature range  -20C +70C (-4F +158F) 
Weight (with battery) Configuration dependable 
Harness  Hand strap/shoulder strap 
Display  Yes 
Cable connection  N/A
Range limiter  Yes 
Associated receivers  R06/R13 B/R13 F/R70 


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet IKARGO Data Sheet Chinese (CN) Multiple 04 Nov, 2020 599.5 KB .pdf
User guide IKARGO Transmitter User Manual Spanish, Castilian Multiple 30 May, 2019 5.4 MB .pdf
Data sheet IKARGO1 Data Sheet English Multiple 17 Feb, 2022 534.8 KB .pdf
User guide IKARGO1 Transmitter User Manual English Multiple 18 Feb, 2021 5.4 MB .pdf
User guide Ikargo2 Transmitter Remote Control User Manual English Multiple 11 Feb, 2021 2.9 MB .pdf

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