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ePanda ePowerpack for low voltage applications (MWEP)

The ePowerpack is part of Danfoss ePanda series, our new Low Voltage portfolio for electrification. ePowerpack is a complete system solution consisting of a microcontroller unit, electric motor and hydraulics, which enables low-voltage applications to unlock greater efficiency with electrification. It consists of a high-performance, interior permanent magnet motor and a high-power, air-cooled converter with a full-featured digital signal processor.  It is designed for maximizing efficiency and compactness.

Variants include optional gear pumps with different power settings in software. These systems are optimal for MEWP and off-highway applications, providing hydraulic flows that fit demanding criteria.

Features and benefits

24V, 3.5KW power

Compact size and easy installation

Fully integrated solution

IPM motor providing up to 93% efficiency

IP67 rating


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet ePowerpack ED-EP130 data sheet English Multiple 04 Mar, 2024 2.5 MB .pdf
User guide ePowerpack ED-EP130 technical information English Multiple 04 Mar, 2024 2.3 MB .pdf


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