VLT® Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD 510

Central servo drive with flexible modularity

The VLT® Multiaxis Servo Drive MSD 510 system is a generic central servo solution and the fundamental part of the VLT® FlexMotionTM concept.

Its flexibility and modularity in hardware and software gives the freedom to design or engineer machines according to the application needs.

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The MSD 510 comprises these modules:

  • VLT® Power Supply Module PSM 510
  • VLT®Servo Drive Module SDM 511 for single axis and SDM 512 for double axis
  • VLT® Decentral Access Modules DAM 510
  • VLT®Auxiliary Capacitor Module ACM 510

To optimize the space requirements, some modules are available in two enclosure sizes, either 50 mm or 100 mm wide.

Fast and fail-safe installation

Enjoy easy mounting and failsafe installation thanks to a unique Click and Lock concept where DC-link and control voltage supply are integrated in the backplate of each module. Depending on the machine architecture, you can use the MSD 510 as a standalone central concept or in a mixed system together with the VLT® Integrated Servo Drive ISD® 510 and VLT® Decentral Servo Drive DSD 510. Extensions or adjustments to the machine are easy to implement - just add or swap modules accordingly.     

Choose your preferred protocol

Open connectivity to common real-time Ethernet systems, such as EtherCAT, POWERLINK and PROFINET, and IEC 61131-3-based programming and PLCopen Motion Function Blocks makes the system even more flexible and easy to integrate into various engineering environments.

Modules of the MSD 510

VLT® Power Supply Module PSM 510

The PSM 510 generates a 565-680 DC-link voltage and is available in 3 power sizes with either 10, 20 or 30kW and 200% overload capability. Furthermore, two Power Supply Modules can used in parallel to achieve a nominal output up to 60 kW.

VLT® Servo Drive Module SDM 511 or SDM 512

The SDM 511 is a single axis servo drive available in 2 enclosure and 5 power sizes. The SDM 512 is a double axis servo drive available in the smallest enclosure size and 3 power sizes. A wide range of feedback options allows the selection of the preferred PM motor. Furthermore, the drive modules are equipped with digital I/O's, relay outputs and a Safe Torque Off (STO).

The motion control is integrated in the drives to run the motion sequence independently to release the central PLC. The master can be programmed via IEC 61131-3.

VLT® Decentral Access Module DAM 510

The DAM 510 easily integrates the Danfoss Integrated Servo Drives - ISD 510 and Decentral Servo Drives - DSD 510 through a hybrid feed-in cable to the MSD 510 system. This enables a great flexibility and the freedom to design the servo system according to application needs, whilst supporting modular machine architectures.

VLT® Auxiliary Capacitors Module ACM 510

The ACM 510 can be connected to the system to store energy enabling a controlled machine stop in emergency situations.

Supply and DC-link voltage

Nominal input voltage

3 x 400 - 480 V AC ±10%

DC link voltage

565 - 680 V DC ±10%

Features and benefits

The extensive portfolio with a mix of central and decentral components fits perfectly into modular machine concepts

Supports various encoder feedback systems and expands the freedom of servo motor selection

Fast and fail-safe wiring concept helps to save installation time and component costs

Innovative mounting concept makes installation quick and failsafe

The smart add-on module approach simplifies machine extension or redesign

Open connectivity to common real time Ethernet protocols allows flexibility, fast process communication and easy system integration

PLCopen Motion libraries and IEC 61131-3 programming provide a standardized and easy system approach across controller platforms

Comprehensive real-time system data from each component strongly supports predictive and preventive machine maintenance


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