In-pipe frost protection

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Protection of drinking water pipes 

Self-limiting cable DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3  prevents drinking water pipes from freezing, by enabling inside potable water pipe installation. It can be used for drinking water pipelines with a temperature below 23°C

What to do when water freezes in pipes?

The freezing of fresh drinking water in pipes is an issue during winters. Pipes, even when insulated, cannot withstand a significant temperature drop. Ice in the water supply system can cause damage to pipes, valves, and other objects, as well as restricting water supply or causing uneven water flow.

In-pipe frost protection of fresh drinking water

Self-limiting cable prevents drinking water pipes from freezing, by enabling inside potable water pipe installation. Due to approved cable quality DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 can be used for in-pipe installation. With different sizing options it fits to majority of household pipes and is even applicable for small private homes with shortest length of 2 m. Cables can either be cut-to-length or used as it is, depending on the need. 

DEVIpipeheat V3 supports both in-pipe & on-pipe applications. 

Self-limiting capability provides more or less heat output along the length of the cable, depending on surrounding temperature. In case of cold spots, in-pipe frost protection cable provides more heat in the surrounding area. The power output is adjusted with the support of suitable thermostat. 

In-pipe installation is approved* for use in drinking water pipelines with a temperature below 23°C.

*Certified by Eurofins and Kiwa


In-pipe frost protection of potable water

Safe consumption of drinking water

Prevention of damaged pipes, valves, and other objects

Stable waterflow even in cold conditions (below 0°C)

Self-limiting output based on surrounding conditions

Perfect fit for majority of household pipes

Length ordering to decrease installation time

Plug-in ready-made solution

5 years warranty


Self-limiting drinking water frost prevention cable DEVIpipeheat™ 10 V3 is approved for in-pipe installation, though it can also be used as on-pipe installation for heating drinking water pipes from the outside.

Product variants

3 design types with possible redesign of both connections are available in:

  • Ready-made cable with a cold lead and power plug
  • Cut-to-length
  • Drum cable 1000m, 300m, 100m


At Danfoss, it is important for us to deliver high-quality products with long-lasting effects. Should you, against all expectations, experience a problem with your product, Danfoss offers a warranty for electric heating products valid from the date of purchase that was no later than 2 years from production date. 

5-year product warranty 

The product warranty is valid for the 5-year warranty period and shall offer a new comparable product or repair of the product if it is found to be faulty by reason of defective design, materials or workmanship.  

Product warranty covers costs for:  

  • product replacement with a new comparable product or repair of the product  
  • transportation costs

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