Drives industry profile appointed to bring Danfoss Drives R&D even closer to customers

Friday, May 3, 2019
Drives industry profile appointed to connect Danfoss Drives R&D even closer to customers

We are proud to present Janne Kuivalainen as our new head of Global Product Management &  Development, and member of the Leadership Team in Danfoss Drives. Janne Kuivalainen has been recognized as a distinguished profile and strategist within the drives industry for years. He brings experience and insight into the new role, that has been established as part of a new strategic ambition.

“I warmly welcome Janne to the team. The drives industry and the solutions that we can offer to the market have never been more relevant. With the strong competences that we have been developing for more than 50 years in the business, we in Danfoss Drives are eager to take the lead and show the way forward. And on this journey the competences and know-how Janne brings into play will be a huge benefit for us,” says Danfoss Drives President, Vesa Laisi.

Janne Kuivalainen joins Danfoss Drives coming from a position at ABB Marine and Ports. He holds a MSc in electrical engineering.

“I am very excited to be taking on this new opportunity. Application optimization and energy efficiency thinking has never been more relevant in a world where the need for sustainable solutions is obvious. AC drives have potential to save 8% of global electricity consumption by 2040 and increase productivity at the same time – just think about that! We will need to work hard, innovate new solutions faster and dedicate our attention to the value creation we can bring to our customers as we continue the Industry 4.0 journey,” says Janne Kuivalainen.

Janne Kuivalainen started his career in the industry in the mid-90’s – back then he worked in sales:

“From the beginning of my career the customers' need has been my focal point. It is important to understand the customer's business model, tasks, and pain points to have the value creating elements in focus. Benefits of our solutions need to match these values both in industry verticals and applications. We also need to understand possible disruptive elements to have a sustainable business roadmap going forward. This mindset of focusing on the customer has been a driving force for me in my leadership roles within R&D and this will also be a guiding star in Product Management & Development in Danfoss Drives,” says Janne Kuivalainen.